Taxonomy Online - Carboniferous spores part I - Species details

Species name
Vallatisporites agadesi Loboziak & Alpern, 1978

Radial, trilete, cingulizonate miospores. Amb sub-triangular to subcircular. Trilete mark distinct, sutures obscured by elevated flexuous folds of the exoexine which extend, decreasing in height, to the equatorial margin. Exine composed of two layers. Intexine forming inner body, thin with several concentric plications. Exoexine rugulate, completely enclosing inner body and extended in the equatorial plane to form a wide cingulizona containing a large number of small, radially orientated, internal vacuoles. Maximum thickness of cingulizona developed in the region adjacent to inner body. Distal surface of exoexine bears vermiculate to coarsely reticulate ornamentation. Ornamentation elements variable; irregular convolutions and rugulae common; verrucae and coni infrequent.

Other descriptions
Loboziak & Alpern, 1978, pp. 58–59, pl. 2, figs. 9–12

Equatorial diameter 60(69)80 µm. Width of cingulizona 10(13)18 µm

Distinguished from Vallatisporites banffensis Staplin & Jansonius 1964, by the more coalescent nature of the ornament developed on the distal surface and the more obvious internal vacuolation of the zona. V. splendens Staplin & Jansonius 1964, differs by possessing a coarser ornament of more varied processes on the distal surface of the central body and less well-developed internal vacuolation of the cingulizona.

Mississippian; late Tournaisian to early Serpukhovian (Loboziak and Clayton, 1988)


MPK 7341 MPK 7341 Figure 64a
North-east Libya; Carboniferous, late Visean, SG Biozone, OA Sub-Biozone (Loboziak and Clayton, 1988), Sample 6314, Specimen MPK 7341. Specimen showing trilete sutures accompanied by elevated flexuous folds of exoexine extending to equatorial margin. Note fine vermiculate ornament developed in distal polar region. Specimen maximum dimension 97 µm.

MPK 7343 MPK 7343 Figure 64b
North-east Libya; Carboniferous, late Visean, SG Biozone, OA Sub-Biozone (Loboziak and Clayton, 1988), Sample 6314, Specimen MPK 7343. Proximal focus. Trilete sutures accompanied by elevated flexuous, exoexinal folds which extend decreasing in height to equatorial margin. Note evidence of separation, at least in the equatorial plane, of the intexine of the inner body from the exoexine. Well-developed radially orientated vacuoles occur within zona adjacent to inner body. Specimen maximum dimension 84 µm.