Taxonomy Online - Reduviasporonites - Specimen details

Below are the database details and enlarged photograph of specimen MFP9801_1_P33_4.

Name of species Database reference number
Reduviasporonites chalastus (Foster) Elsik 1999 2
Specimen MFP9801_1_P33_4
Slide number
MOURA N. S. 30 MFP 9801/1
Country of origin
EF reference of specimen on palynological slide
Dimension of specimen (µm)
Width of terminal face 20┬Ám
Description of specimen
End on view orientated normal to the terminal plane. Rim appears rectilinear in form, thickening may be incipient or as a result of folding. No pore or aperture visible in the terminal face. Terminal face planar.