Taxonomy Online - Reduviasporonites - Specimen details

Below are the database details and enlarged photograph of specimen Flowerpt 66398_Y41_1_2.

Name of species Database reference number
Reduviasporonites catenulatus Wilson 1962 134
Specimen Flowerpt 66398_Y41_1_2
Slide number
Flowerpt 66398
Country of origin
EF reference of specimen on palynological slide
Dimension of specimen (µm)
Length of cells 15, 20 and 17 µm
Description of specimen
Detail of specimen shown in image Flowerpt 66398_Y41_1. Chain of ovoid cells. The cells to the right both possibly contain slightly shrunken inner bodies. In the middle cell the inner body is attached to the inner surface of the terminal rims on both sides of the cell. Terminal rims are not well displayed between the two right hand cells. Both the inner body wall and the outer cell wall appear to be smooth and less than 1µm thick.