Taxonomy Online - Reduviasporonites - Specimen details

Below are the database details and enlarged photograph of specimen 6403434_2_T1_Stub1_7.

Name of species Database reference number
Reduviasporonites chalastus (Foster) Elsik 1999 219
Specimen 6403434_2_T1_Stub1_7
Slide number
T1 6403434 2 (residue treated with Ultrasound)
Country of origin
EF reference of specimen on palynological slide
Stub 1
Dimension of specimen (µm)
See scale bar
Description of specimen
This specimen illustrates the characteristic ‘Christmas cracker’ morphology of cell chains after vigorous ultrasound treatment. The central cell shown is intact but the two adjacent cells are broken at the base of their respective terminal rims. This illustrates the comparative strength of the bonds between terminal rims.