Taxonomy Online - Reduviasporonites - Specimen details

Below are the database details and enlarged photograph of specimen 5031_Conisboro_F24_4.

Name of species Database reference number
Reduviasporonites chalastus (Foster) Elsik 1999 75
Specimen 5031_Conisboro_F24_4
Slide number
5031 Conisborough, Yorkshire
Country of origin
EF reference of specimen on palynological slide
Dimension of specimen (µm)
Length of cell 67┬Ám.
Description of specimen
Detail of specimen shown in image 5031_Conisboro_F24_4_2. Cell with very constricted terminal rim. This specimen suggests that there are three wall layers in the cell which are only evident at the termini, and which, over the rest of the cell, are tightly adpressed. At the terminal rim a slight separation is evident.