Taxonomy Online - Reduviasporonites - Specimen details

Below are the database details and enlarged photograph of specimen 5031_Conisboro_B27.

Name of species Database reference number
Reduviasporonites chalastus (Foster) Elsik 1999 72
Specimen 5031_Conisboro_B27
Slide number
5031 Conisborough, Yorkshire
Country of origin
EF reference of specimen on palynological slide
Dimension of specimen (µm)
Length of cell 71µm approx.
Description of specimen
Dark coloured (thick walled) specimen; displays very distinct inner and outer cell walls. Outer cell wall 1-1.5µm thick; outer surface very finely granulate (grana only just resolvable under oil x100). Faint shrinkage folds in the outer cell wall are present close to the termini. In these areas the terminal rims are ‘pinched’ i.e. much narrower than usual perhaps called by shrinkage. Inner cell wall 1 µm thick or less; appears smooth. Detached from the inner surface of the outer cell wall only close to the termini. Width of cavity between the two cell walls max. 3µm. Termini of the inner body still attached to the inner surface of the terminal rims. Small cavity at the terminus of the inner body visible on the right side of the cell. Cell material amorphous.