Programme Management

Science Management Team

A joint Science Management Team (SMT), comprising of representatives from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology and the British Geological Survey, has been appointed for the Changing Water Cycle and Storm Risk Mitigation programmes.

The SMT is responsible for the day-to-day management and coordination of the programme, working closely with the Programme Administrator based in Swindon Office.

The SMT comprises:

  • Professor Graham Leeks, Head of Science Co-ordination
  • Dr Rob Ward, Deputy Head of Science Co-ordination
  • Dr Daren Gooddy, Programme Management Co-ordinator
  • Dr Lucy Ball, Programme Management Co-ordinator
  • Ann Watson
  • Emily Crane

Programme Advisory Group

A Programme Advisory Group (PAG) has been appointed to advise on the delivery of the Storm Risk Mitigation programme. The PAG is chaired by Professor Denis Peach, the chair of the expert writing group. The PAG works closely with the Science Management Team and the Programme Administrator.

  • Professor Denis Peach, British Geological Survey (Chair)
  • Dr Sean Longfield, Environment Agency
  • Dr David Burridge, World Meteorological Organisation
  • Professor Ian Townend, HR Wallingford Director of Research

Expert Group

The Expert Group that helped define the science and implementation plans for the Storm Risk Mitigation through Improved Prediction & Impact Modeling programme, and supported the development of the announcement of opportunity, comprised:

  • Professor Denis Peach (Chair)
  • Professor Alan Blyth
  • Professor Peter Clark
  • Dr Hannah Cloke
  • Professor Peter Jan van Leeuwen
  • Dr Len Shaffrey
  • Claire Sunshine
  • Professor Geraint Vaughan
  • Dr Judith Wolf
  • Dr Tim Wollings
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