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Storm system seen from space, ©BGS NERC

The Storm Risk Mitigation programme has three interconnected projects. These are:

  • Numerical weather prediction for increased understanding of, and capability to predict, mesoscale structures in extra-tropical cyclones (Project DIAMET)
  • Climate science for an improved understanding of how climate change and natural variability will affect the generation and evolution of extra-tropical cyclones (Project TEMPEST)
  • Improved ability to quantify storm impacts over both the short and long term by better characterising and correcting uncertainties in rainfall predictions, using remote sensing data to improve flood forecasts, and modelling urban flooding at small resolution (Project DEMON)

The Science Management Team have produced a presentation which provides an overview of the SRM programme (PDF, 764 kB).

Related projects

Current research projects, funded from sources other than the Storm Risk Mitigation programme, but studying related questions include:

  • TROSIAD – NERC standard grant at Manchester to study tropopause folding and deep convection
  • KultuRisk - €3.25M to a consortium of European institutions including the University of Bristol who are part of the DEMON project
  • Flood Risk from Extreme Events (FREE) - Uncertainty Assessments of Flood Inundation Impacts: Using spatial climate change scenarios to drive an Ensemble of Distributed Models for Extreme Conditions (NERC Grant NE/E002242/1)
  • RACEWIN an AXA insurance project looking at European windstorms led by Prof Stephenson at the University of Exeter
  • PREDEX - Predictability of Extreme Weather Events, an EPSRC project led by Dr Vitolo at the University of Exeter
  • A Seamless Approach to Assessing Model Uncertainties in Climate Projections of Severe European Windstorms (SEAMSEW), led by Dr Peter Knippertz at the University of Leeds.
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