Mrs Jennifer Richardson

Mrs Jennifer Richardson GIS Officer / Developer

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3473

E-mail Mrs Jennifer Richardson


  •  2008 –Present :  GIS Officer / Developer, British Geological Survey
  •  2007 –2008 :  MSc (Distinction) Geographical Information Systems, University of Leeds
  •  2003 –2006 :  BSc (Hons), Geography, University of Sheffield


  •  Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  •  Java
  •  Software development
  •  iOS Mobile Development

Published outputs

  • BGS Porcupine® Borehole Viewer for Geo-Seas
  • HARRISON A M, PLIM J F M, HARRISON M, JONES L D, CULSHAW M G. 2012. The relationship between shrink-swell occurrence and climate in south-east England. Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association. Vol. 123, 556-575.
  • HARRISON A, HARRISON M, PLIM J, JONES L, CULSHAW M G. 2010. UK regional scale modelling of natural geohazards and climate change. In: IAEG Congress 2010, Auckland, New Zealand, 5-10 Sept 2010. (Unpublished).
  • HARRISON, M, HARRISON, A M, JONES, L, PLIM, J, FOSTER, C. 2009. Regional and National Scale Modelling of Natural Geohazards and Climate Change. International Association of Mathematical Geology. Palo Alto, USA.
  • JAMES J W C, PEARCE B, COGGAN R A, ARNOTT S H L, CLARK R W E, PLIM J F, PINNION J, BARRIO FROJAN C, GARDINER J P, MORANDO A, BAGGALEY P A, SCOTT G, BIGOURDAN N. 2010. The South Coast Regional Environmental Characterisation. British Geological Survey, 249pp. (OR/09/051).
  • JAMES J W C, PEARCE B, COGGAN R A, LEIVERS M, CLARK R W E, PLIM J F, HILL J M, ARNOTT S H L, BATESON L, DE-BURGH T A, BAGGALEY P A. 2011. The MALSF synthesis study in the central and eastern English Channel. British Geological Survey, 158pp. (OR/11/001) (Unpublished).