Ms Jennifer Bow

Ms Jennifer Bow

GIS Specialist

Location: BGS Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 6500 260

E-mail Ms Jennifer Bow


  • 2008 : British Geological Survey: GIS Specialist
  • 2006 –2008 : British Geological Survey: Cartographer and Illustrator
  • 2002 –2003 : University of Calgary: Research Assistant for CHAPS and APPROACH
  • 2001 –2002 : MGIS University of Calgary, Canada, GIS and Remote Sensing
  • 1994 –1999 : BA University of Calgary, Canada, Geography

Current projects and collaboration

  • AGS Borehole Ingestion (Association of Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental Specialists)
  • IGSN API and Ingestion Development (International Geo Sample Number)
  • Sensornet
  • SIGMA (System for Integrated Geoscience Mapping)

Key papers

  • Bow, J, and BGS.SIGMA. 2015. External User Guide for BGS.SIGMA Mobile and Desktop Toolbars. BGS Open Report.
  • Bow, J, and BGS.SIGMA. 2015. User Guide for BGS.SIGMA Mobile and Desktop Toolbars. BGS Internal Report.
  • Bow, J, Adlam K A M, and BGS.SIGMA. 2012. User Guide. BGS Internal Report.
  • Bow, J, Adlam K A M, Turner, P, and BGS.SIGMA. 2012. Open Source User Guide. BGS Open Report.
  • Jordan, C J, Bateson, L, Bow J, Napier B, and Johnson Sabine, R. 2009. GeoVisionary software for 3D visualisation and petroleum exploration in southern Tajikistan. Proceedings of the RSPSoc Annual Conference.
  • Jordan, C J, Bee, E J, Smith, N A, Lawrie, K I G, Marchant, A P, Wildman, G, Bow, J, and Shelley, W. 2009. User Guide for iX104s. BGS Internal Report.
  • Bateson, L, Ellison, R A, Newell, A J, and Bow, J. 2008. Petroleum Exploration in Southern Tajikistan using Geovisionary Software for 3D Visualisation. PETEX Conference.
  • 2002 : Master's Thesis: A GIS Based Study of Address and Postal Code Locations of the City of Calgary and Statistics Canada's Street Network Files and their use in Medical Geography Research.

Published outputs

  • NERC Open Research Archive — Jennifer Bow
  • Bow, C J D, Waters, N M, Faris, P D, Seidel, J E, Galbraith, P D, Knudton, M L, Ghalt, W A. Accuracy of city postal code coordinates as a proxy for location of residence, International Journal of Health Geographics, 3:5.


  • GIS Analysis, Scripting, and Support
  • Programming in Python, FME and
  • Oracle Database Development
  • Writing technical documents and delivering training courses