Dr Brian Hamilton

Dr Brian Hamilton


Location: Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 6500 235

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  •  2006 – ongoing : Geomagnetism Team, British Geological Survey
  •  2006 : PhD University of Glasgow, Solar Physics
  •  2001 : MSc Queen Mary College, University of London, Astrophysics
  •  1997 : MSc University of Glasgow, Information Technology

  •  1997 –2000 : Spacecraft Operations Engineer, EADS Astrium
  •  1996 : BSc University of Glasgow, Physics and Astronomy


  • Geomagnetic field modelling
  • Programming: Fortran/MPI, bash, Python , C/C++, Matlab

Research interests

  • Geomagnetic field modelling
  • Long-term trends in geomagnetic fields
  • Particle acceleration in solar flares

Current projects and collaboration

Professional association

Published outputs

Key papers

THOMSON A W P, HAMILTON B, MACMILLAN S, REAY S (2010), A novel weighting method for satellite magnetic data and a new global magnetic field model, Geophysical Journal International, Vol 181, 250-260.

HAMILTON B, FLETCHER L, MCCLEMENTS K G, THYAGARAJA A (2005), Electron Acceleration at Reconnecting X-Points in Solar Flares, Astrophysical Journal, Vol 625, 496-505.

HAMILTON B, MCCLEMENTS K G, FLETCHER L, THYAGARAJA A (2003), Field-Guided Proton Acceleration at Reconnecting x-Points in Flares, Solar Physics, 214, 339-352