Mr Michael Togher

Mr Michael Togher

Collections Manager

Location: Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 650 0345

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I manage the Biostratigraphical, UKCS teaching cores, Minerology and Petrology collections that are stored in the George Bruce building. I curate, database and deal with all enquiries from loans to requests for lab bookings to view specimens. I used to manage the BGS Scottish hydrocarbon core which was stored in Edinburgh until it's recent relocation to keyworth, we held back a small number of cores for teaching purposes.


  •  2016 – ongoing : BGS - George Bruce Building
  •  2012 –2016 : BGS - Murchison House
  •  1999 –2012 : BGS - Gilmerton Core Store


  • I previously managed the BGS UKCS hydrocarbon core which was stored in Edinburgh, curating new material and laying out core for visitors. I deputised in the management of a team for 20 months to photograph and relocate the UKCS samples which involved over 175,000 boxes of core and cuttings from Edinburgh to keyworth. I also managed a team over a 7 month period relocating the remaining samples and records held in our Edinburgh office to the Lyell Centre. 15,000 trays were scanned for radioactivity, they also given a conditional survey and were databased which provided us with a full inventory of our holdings.