Mr Pierre Marie Jean Charles Josso

Mr Pierre Marie Jean Charles Josso

Post Doc Research Scientist Marine E tech

Location: BGS Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3085

E-mail Mr Pierre Marie Jean Charles Josso

ORCID: 0000000338194536


  • 2019 – ongoing : Minerals Geoscientist
  • 2017 –2019 : Post Doctoral research assistant MarineE-Tech project, BGS
  • 2014 –2017 : PhD, University of Southampton,
  • 2011 –2013 : MSc (Hons), 1st class, Unilasalle and Laurentian University Of Sudbury, Energy and Mineral Resources
  • 2008 –2011 : BSc (Hons), Unilasalle, Geology

Current projects and collaboration

  • 2019 – ongoing : Mineralogy and petrology group, Deep-sea mineral deposits, Carbon capture and storage by mineralisation, Radwaste geological site characterisation.
  • 2017 –2019 : MarineE-Tech project: Investigating the critical element budget of marine ferromanganese deposits from Tropic Seamount, NE Atlantic

Key papers

  • Josso, P, Parkinson, I, Horstwood, M, Lusty, P, Chenery, S, and Murton, B. 2019. Improving confidence in ferromanganese crust age models: A composite geochemical approach. Chemical Geology, 513, 108-119.
  • Josso, P, Pelleter, E, Pourret, O, Fouquet, Y, Etoubleau, J, Cheron, S, and Bollinger, C. 2017. A new discrimination scheme for oceanic ferromanganese deposits using high field strength and rare earth elements. Ore Geology Reviews, 87, 3-15.
  • Lusty, P, Hein, J R, and Josso, P. 2018. Formation and occurrence of ferromanganese crusts: Earth's storehouse for critical metals. Elements, 14, 313-318.
  • Yeo, I, Dobson, K, Josso, P, Pearce, R, Howarth, S, Lusty, P, Le Bas, T, and Murton, B. 2018. Assessment of the Mineral Resource Potential of Atlantic Ferromanganese Crusts Based on Their Growth History, Microstructure, and Texture. Minerals, 8, 327.
  • Pelleter, E, Fouquet, Y, Etoubleau, J, Cheron, S, Labanieh, S, Josso, P, and Langlade, J. 2017. Ni- Cu- Co-rich hydrothermal manganese mineralization in the Wallis and Futuna back-arc environment (SW Pacific). Ore Geology Reviews, 87, 126-146.
  • Josso, P, Roberts, S, Teagle, D A H, Pourret, O, Herrington, R, and Ponce de Leon Albarran, C. 2018. Extraction and separation of rare earth elements from hydrothermal metalliferous sediments. Minerals Engineering, 118, 106-121.

Research interests

  • Geochemistry and geology of ore deposits
  • Mineral resources and processing
  • Oceanic geochemistry
  • Isotope systems for paleoceanographic reconstructions
  • Geochemical modelling