Dr Lee Paul Gumm


Location: Wallingford

E-mail Dr Lee Paul Gumm


  •  2017 – ongoing : Hydrogeochemist - British Geological Survey
  •  2011 –2014 : Senior Research Associate (Hydrogeology), University of East Anglia
  •  2006 –2010 : PhD Isotope Hydrogeochemistry, University of East Anglia
  •  2002 –2005 : BSc (Hons) Environmental Science: First Class, Nottingham Trent University

Research interests

  • Noble gases as tracers of preferential fluid flow at depth
  • Groundwater age-dating
  • The impact of climate change on groundwater resources


  • Analytical techniques - noble gases, stable isotopes and hydrochemical
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Analysis and interpretation of hydrogeochemical data
  • Hydrogeochemistry and hydrogeology
  • Field sampling - observation boreholes
  • Research project management

Key papers

Gumm L.P., Bense V.F., Dennis P.F., Hiscock K.M., Cremer N. and Simon S. (2016) Dissolved noble gases and stable isotopes as tracers of preferential fluid flow along faults in the Lower Rhine Embayment, Germany. Hydrogeology Journal 24, 99-108.

Cooper R.J., Fitt P., Hiscock K.M., Lovett A.A., Gumm L.P., Dugdale S.J., Rambohul J., Williamson A., Noble L., Beamish J. and Hovesen P. (2016) Assessing the effectiveness of a three-stage on-farm biobed in treating pesticide contaminated wastewater. Journal of Environmental Management 181, 1-9.