Mr Gareth Jenkins

Mr Gareth Jenkins

Applied Sedimentologist

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3128

E-mail Mr Gareth Jenkins


  •  2006 – ongoing : Applied Sedimentologist, British Geological Survey
  •  2001 –2006 : Coastal Sedimentologist, British Geological Survey
  •  2000 –2001 : MSc Environmental Sedimentology and Geomorphology, University of Reading
  •  1997 –2000 : BSc (Hons) Geology, University of Southampton


  • Field geologist, geological mapping and surveying
  • Landslide surveying and mapping
  • Digital field data capture
  • Core logging
  • 3D geological mapping and modelling
  • GIS
  • Nearshore and offshore sedimentology

Research interests

  • Physical vulnerability of the coastline around Great Britain
  • Carboniferous stratigraphy and sedimentology, specifically coal geology and unconventional gas.
  • 3D modelling of bedrock and superficial geology

Current projects and collaboration

  • Manager of the Coastal Vulnerability Index (CVI) product
  • Stratigraphic correlation of superficial deposits for the National Geological Model
  • Landslide domain classification in Great Britain
  • Assimilation of data products relevant to the UK Energy industry

Professional association

  •  2006 –2007 : EMSAGG committee member
  •  2005 –2007 : Meetings Secretary, East Midlands Regional Group of the Geological Society

Published outputs

  • NERC Open Research Archive — Gareth Jenkins
  • Dijkstra, T A, Jenkins, G O, Gunn, D A, Dashwood, C, Dankers, R, Dixon, N, Petley, D N, Gibson, A D and Winter, M G. 2014. Landslides and climate change in the United Kingdom. Joint Technical Committee on Natural Slopes and Landslides (JTC 1) TR3 report.
  • Price, S J, Kearsey, T, Leslie, A G, Goodenough, K M, Jenkins, G O, Terrington, R L, Self, S, Gillespie, M R, Horabin, C and Myers, A. 2014. A 3D geological model of the superficial deposits of Singapore. British Geological Survey Commissioned Report CR/14/078
  • Gunn D A, Chambers J E, Hobbs P R N, Ford J R, Wilkinson P B, Jenkins G O and Merritt A. 2013. Rapid observations to guide the design of systems for long-term monitoring of a complex landslide in the Upper Lias clays of North Yorkshire, UK. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrology, 46, 323-336.
  • Jenkins, G O, Foster, C F and Hopson, P M. 2011. Geology as a control on landslides on the Isle of Wight: an overview. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association. 122, pp. 906-922
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