Mr Simon Price

Mr Simon Price

Urban Geoscientist

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3326

E-mail Mr Simon Price


  •  2014 – ongoing : PhD Quaternary Engineering Geology, University of Cambridge - Arup CASE studentship
  •  2011 –2014 : Project leader and team member of the BGS Futures Group
  •  2008 –2014 : Team Leader for Urban Geoscience
  •  2001 –2014 : Project leader, researcher and 3D geological modeller for urban geoscience projects in cities including Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Manchester, Salford, York, Swansea-Neath-Port-Talbot, Doncaster, Durham and Darlington
  •  2000 –2001 : MSc with Distinction University of Manchester (Applied and Environmental Geoscience including geostatisitical analysis of groundwater contaminant monitoring thesis with URS Dames & Moore)
  •  1997 –2000 : Petroleum Geologist, (Fugro Robertson)
  •  1994 –1997 : BSc (Hons) University of Birmingham, Geology

Current projects and collaboration

  • Anthropogenic geomorphology, geology and stratigraphy, artificially modified ground, anthropogenic landscape change and the Anthropocene
  • Application of 3D geological models for aquifer recharge and vulnerability assessments
  • Integrated 3D geological modelling in support of regeneration in Manchester, Salford, Liverpool, Glasgow, Durham, Darlington, York, Thames Gateway, Swansea-Neath-Port-Talbot and Doncaster
  • National and international geological surveys and digital field data capture including UAE (inc Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Yorkshire and Lancashire
  • Project partner and expert panel member for EPSRC Urban Futures and Mapping the Underworld projects
  • Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) including partners at the universities of Abertay, Birmingham and Middlesex

Research interests

  • Artificial ground, anthropogenic land use change and the Anthropocene
  • Future scenario analysis applied to sustinable city design and management of the ground beneath cities
  • Integrated geological and anthropogenic 3D modelling of the urban subsurface (including utilities and buried infrastructure)
  • Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) and surface water flooding
  • Urban Geoscience and archaeology
  • Urban surface water and groundwater interactions


  • 3D geological modelling
  • Anthropogenic landscape interpretation
  • Application of GIS in support of 3D geological modelling and landscape interpretation and visualisation
  • Assessment of geological variability in the ground beneath cities and its implications for development
  • Digital geological field data capture
  • Geological surveying of bedrock and Quaternary sediments and landforms
  • Qualitative future scenario analysis

Professional association

  • Chartered and European Geologist (CGeol EurGeol)
  • Fellow of the Geological Society
  • Member of the Anthropocene Working Group of the Subcomission on Quaternary Stratigraphy
  • Member of the British Geotechnical Assocaition
  • Member of the Quaternary Research Association
  • Member of the Yorkshire Geological Society
  • Officer (Western Europe) of the International Union of Geological Science commission on Geoscience for Environmental Management (IUGS-GEM)

Published outputs

Key papers

FORD, J R, PRICE, S J, COOPER, A H and WATERS, C N. 2014. An assessment of lithostratigraphy for anthropogenic deposits. In: Waters, C N, Zalasiewicz, J A, Williams, M, Ellis, M, Snelling, A (eds.)A stratigraphical basis for the Anthropocene. Geological Society Special Publication, 395, 55-89. Geological Society of London, London, UK

JORDAN, H, HAMILTON, K, LAWLEY, R and PRICE, S J. 2014. Anthropogenic contribution to the geological and geomorphological record: A case study from Great Yarmouth, UK. Geomorphology. DOI:10.1016/j.geomorph.2014.07.008

RAWLINS, B G, HARRIS, J, PRICE, S J and BARTLETT, M. 2013.A review of climate change impacts on urban soil functions with examples and policy insights from England, UK, Soil Use and Management. DOI:10.1111/sum.120079

DEARDEN, R A and PRICE, S J. 2012. A proposed decision-making framework for a national infiltration SuDS map. Management of Environmental Quality: An International Journal, 23, 478-485

CULSHAW, M G and PRICE, S J. 2011. The 2010 Hans Cloos lecture - The contribution of urban geology to the development, regeneration and conservation of cities. Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment, Volume 70, Number 3, 333-376

PRICE, S J, FORD, J R, COOPER, A H and NEAL, C. 2011. Humans as major geological and geomorphological agents in the Anthropocene: the significance of artificial ground in Great Britain. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A 369, 1056-1084

PRICE, S J, BURKE, H F, TERRINGTON, R L, REEVES, H J, BOON, D, and SCHEIB, A J. 2010. The 3D characterisation of the zone of human interaction and the sustainable use of underground space in urban and peri-urban environments: case studies from the UK. Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften (ZDGG), Vol. 161, 219-235.

LELLIOTT, M R, BRIDGE, D M, KESSLER, H, PRICE, S J, and SEYMOUR, K J. 2006. The application of 3D geological modelling to aquifer recharge assessments in an urban environment. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, Vol. 39, 293-302.