Mr Luke Bateson

Mr Luke Bateson

Senior Remote Sensing Geologist

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3043

E-mail Mr Luke Bateson


  •  2014 – ongoing : Technical lead for the creation of the Ground Instability Risk Profiling (GIRP) insurance service
  •  2011 –2014 : Leader of PanGeo Service Design and Validation Panel (WP3)
  •  2010 –2013 : BGS Project Leader for SubCoast
  •  2009 –2014 : BGS Project Leader for European Space Agency Terrafirma project
  •  2008 – ongoing : Senior Scientific Officer at the British Geological Survey
  •  2000 –2001 : University of Edinburgh, MSc Geographical Information Systems
  •  1996 –2000 : University of Edinburgh, BSc Geology and Physical Geography

Current projects and collaboration

Research interests

  • 3D visualisation of large spatial datasets
  • Geological interpretation of ground motion information
  • Optical Remote Sensing
  • The application of Radar Interferometry to ground motion

Boards and committees


  • 3D Visualisation
  • Data integration and product development
  • Geological mapping
  • Image acquisition, processing and interpretation
  • Interpretation of radar derived ground motion information
  • Providing training
  • Research and project leadership
  • Service design and communication

Published outputs

Key papers

Bateson, Luke; Cigna, Francesca; Boon, David; Sowter, Andrew. 2015 The application of the Intermittent SBAS (ISBAS) InSAR method to the South Wales Coalfield, UK. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 34. 249-257. 10.1016/j.jag.2014.08.018

Cigna, Francesca; Bateson, Luke B.; Jordan, Colm J.; Dashwood, Claire. 2014 Simulating SAR geometric distortions and predicting Persistent Scatterer densities for ERS-1/2 and ENVISAT C-band SAR and InSAR applications: nationwide feasibility assessment to monitor the landmass of Great Britain with SAR imagery. Remote Sensing of Environment, 152. 441-466. 10.1016/j.rse.2014.06.025

Cigna, Francesca; Jordan, Hannah; Bateson, Luke; McCormack, Harry; Roberts, Claire. 2014 Natural and anthropogenic geohazards in Greater London observed from geological and ERS-1/2 and ENVISAT Persistent Scatterers ground motion data: results from the EC FP7-SPACE PanGeo Project. Pure and Applied Geophysics. 10.1007/s00024-014-0927-3

Sowter, Andrew; Bateson, Luke; Strange, Poul; Ambrose, Keith; Syafiudin, Moh. Fifik. 2013 DInSAR estimation of land motion using intermittent coherence with application to the South Derbyshire and Leicestershire coalfields. Remote Sensing Letters, 4 (10). 979-987. 10.1080/2150704X.2013.823673

Bateson, L, Vellico, M, Beaubien, S.E, Pearce, J.M, Annunziatellis, A, Ciotoli, G, Coren, F, Lombardi, S, Marsh, S. 2008. The application of remote-sensing techniques to monitor CO2-storage sites for surface leakage: Method development and testing at Latera (Italy) where naturally produced CO2 is leaking to the atmosphere, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, Vol. 2 (3), 388–400.

Sowter, A, Leighton, J, Adamska, L, Teferle, N, Bingley, R, Bateson, L. In Press. The Absolute Positioning of Persistent Scatterers in ENVISAT-1 ASAR Data. International Journal of Remote Sensing.

Pearce ,J.M, Kirby, G.A, Lacinska, A, Bateson, L, Wagner, D., Rochelle. C.A, Cassidy, M. 2011. Reservoir-scale CO2-fluid rock interactions: Preliminary results from field investigations in the Paradox Basin, Southeast Utah. Energy Procedia 4 (2011) 5058–5065