Mr Luke Bateson

Mr Luke Bateson Remote Sensing

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3043

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  •  2011 –Present :  Leader of PanGeo Service Design and Validation Pannel (WP3)
  •  2010 –Present :  BGS Project Leader for SubCoast
  •  2009 –Present :  BGS Project Leader for Terrafirm
  •  2008 –2012 :  Senior Scientific Officer at the British Geological Survey
  •  2000 –2001 :  University of Edinburgh, MSc Geographical Information Systems
  •  1996 –2000 :  University of Edinburgh, BSc Geology and Physical Geography

Boards and committees


  •  3D Visulaisation
  •  Geological mapping
  •  Image acquisition, processing and interpretation
  •  Interpretaiton of radar derived ground motion information
  •  Providing training
  •  Research and project leadership
  •  Service design and communication

Research interests

  •  3D visualisation of large spatial datasets
  •  Geological interpretation of ground motion information
  •  Optical Remote Sensing
  •  The application of Radar Interferometry to ground motion
  •  The application of remote sensing techniques to monitor CO2-storage sites

Current projects and collaboration

Published outputs

Key papers

Bateson, L, Vellico, M, Beaubien, S.E, Pearce, J.M, Annunziatellis, A, Ciotoli, G, Coren, F, Lombardi, S, Marsh, S. 2008. The application of remote-sensing techniques to monitor CO2-storage sites for surface leakage: Method development and testing at Latera (Italy) where naturally produced CO2 is leaking to the atmosphere, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, Vol. 2 (3), 388–400.

Pearce ,J.M, Kirby, G.A, Lacinska, A, Bateson, L, Wagner, D., Rochelle. C.A, Cassidy, M. 2011. Reservoir-scale CO2-fluid rock interactions: Preliminary results from field investigations in the Paradox Basin, Southeast Utah. Energy Procedia 4 (2011) 5058–5065

Sowter, A, Leighton, J, Adamska, L, Teferle, N, Bingley, R, Bateson, L. In Press. The Absolute Positioning of Persistent Scatterers in ENVISAT-1 ASAR Data. International Journal of Remote Sensing.