Mr Andrew Craig Wiseall

Mr Andrew Craig Wiseall

Experimental Fluid Processes Scientist

Location: BGS Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3352

E-mail Mr Andrew Craig Wiseall


  • 2013 – ongoing : Experimental Fluid Processes Scientist, BGS, Keyworth
  • 2009 –2013 : MESci Geology (2:1), University of Liverpool

Commissioned reports

  • Wiseall, A C, Graham, C C, Zihms, S G, Harrington, J F, Gregory, S and Shaw, R P. Properties and Behaviour of the Boom Clay Formation within a Dutch Repository Concept. COVRA
  • Cuss, R J, Wiseall, A C, Hennissen, J A I, Waters, C N, Kemp, S J, Ougier-Simonin, A, Holyoake, S and Haslam, R B. Hydraulic Fracturing: A review of theory and field experience. BGS report for M4 shale gas project
  • Wiseall, A C, Cuss, R J, Hough, E and Kemp, S J. 2017. Experimental study of fault reactivation controls in shale. BGS report for M4 shale gas project

Current projects and collaboration

  • Radioactive Waste Team
  • M4 shale gas
  • Cement Based Materials (CEBAMA)

Key papers

  • Wiseall, A C, Cuss, R J, Hough, E and Kemp, S J. 2018. The role of fault gouge properties on fault reactivation during hydraulic stimulation; an experimental study using analogue faults. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 59, 21-34
  • Daniels, K A, Harrington, J F, Zihms, S G and Wiseall, A C. 2017. Bentonite permeability at elevated temperature. Geosciences, 7 (1)
  • Cuss, R J, Graham, C C, Wiseall, A C and Harrington, J F. 2016. Cyclic loading of an idealized clay-filled fault; comparing hydraulic flow in two clay gouges. Geofluids, 16, 552-564
  • Wiseall, A C, Cuss, R J, Graham, C C and Harrington, J F. 2015. The visualization of flow paths in experimental studies of clay-rich materials. Mineralogical Magazine

Research interests

  • Fracture flow and fluid properties of rocks
  • Rock mechanics
  • Radioactive waste disposal