Dr Nicole Antoinette Lucie Archer

Soil Hydrologist / Ecohydrologist

Location: BGS Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 6500 332

E-mail Dr Nicole Antoinette Lucie Archer


  • 2013 – ongoing : Soil hydrologist, BGS Edinburgh
  • 2015 –2017 : Master of Research in Creative Practices, Glasgow School of Art
  • 2010 –2013 : Post doctorate, investigating surface/ground water interactions and flooding, Dundee University
  • 2007 –2010 : Founder and director of Ecowaves: Natural water solutions, Reinosa, Spain
  • 2004 –2006 : Resident Coordinator and Facilitator for environmental sustainability and holistic science, Schumacher College, University of Plymouth.
  • 2004 –2006 : Coordinator and researcher: Influence of stocking rates in Inner Mongolia, China, Giessen University, Germany.
  • 2001 –2004 : Post doctorate, Evaluating remotely sensed techniques to estimate wateruse in semi-arid environments, Dundee University
  • 1996 –2000 : PhD, Ecohydrology of patch vegetation in semi-arid Mediterranean, Cranfield University, in partnership with the Arid Zone Research Station, Almeria Spain.
  • 1994 –1995 : MSc Natural Resource Management, Cranfield University
  • 1992 –1994 : BSc (hons) Environmental Science, Aberystwyth University

Current projects and collaboration

  • ASSIST: a long term national capability project in collaboration with Centre of Ecology and Hydrology and Rothamsted Research Investigating water connectivity in terms of surface and drainage connectivity within farming systems in relationship to crop yield limitation https://www.ceh.ac.uk/our-science/projects/ASSIST
  • SENSOR NET: Spatial scaling of soil moisture and CO2 flux on a grassland hillslope.
  • Eddleston Monitoring Catchment: groundwater-surface water interaction in an upland floodplain.
  • Emergent forest distribution and geomorphological processes in Central Scotland.

Key papers

  • Archer, N.A.L., Otten, W. Schmidt, S., Shah, N. and Bonell, M. (2015). Rainfall infiltration and soil hydrological characteristics below ancient forest, planted forest and grassland in a temperate northern climate. Ecohydrology. DOI: 10.1002/eco.1658
  • Archer, N.A.L., Ó Dochartaigh, B.É., MacDonald, A.M., Black, A., Bonell, M., Gooddy, D, Coles, N. (2014). Coupling of groundwater, river flow and rainfall in an upland floodplain. In submission Journal of Hydrology.
  • Archer, N.A.L., Bonell, M., MacDonald, A.M., Coles, N. (2014). A Constant Well Head Permeameter formula comparison: its significance in the estimation of field saturated hydraulic conductivity in heterogeneous shallow soils. In press Hydrology Research.
  • Archer, N.A.L., Bonell, M., MacDonald, A.M., Coles, N., Auton, C.A., Stevenson, R. (2013). The relationship of soil and woodland cover on soil hydraulic conductivity at a hillslope scale and local flood management in the Scottish Borders. Journal of Hydrology.
  • Archer, N. A. L., Quinton, J. N., Hess, T. M. (2012). Patch vegetation and water redistribution above and below ground in south-east Spain. Ecohydrology 5, 108-120.
  • Archer, N. A. L., Jones H. G. (2006). Integrating hyperspectral imagery at different scales to estimate component surface temperatures. International Journal of Remote Sensing 27 (11), 2141-2159.
  • Archer, N. A. L., Jones, H. G. (2003). Estimation of evaporation using ground and airborne methods. In: Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society, Scales and Dynamics in observing the environment. 10-12 September 2003, University of Nottingham, UK. Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society. ISBN 0 946226 32 6.
  • Archer, N. A. L., Hess T. M. & Quinton, J. N (2002). The water balance of two semi-arid shrubs on abandoned land in south-eastern Spain after cold season rain. Hydrology and Earth Systems Sciences. 6 (5), 913-926.
  • Archer, N. A. L., Quinton, J. N. & Hess T. M. (2002). Below-ground relationships of soil texture, roots and hydraulic conductivity in two-phase mosaic vegetation in south-east Spain. Journal of Arid Environments. 52: 535-553.
  • Jones, H. G. & Archer, N. A. L. Airborne imaging spectrometry (DAIS/ROSIS) for estimation of evaporation from heterogeneous Montado vegetation in Portugal. In: Proceedings of the 3rd European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories Workshop on Imaging Spectroscopy. 13 – 16th May 2003. Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany.
  • Jones, H. G., Archer, N. A. L. & Rotenberg, E. (2003) Thermal radiation, canopy temperature and evaporation from forest canopies. In: Forest at the land atmosphere interface. Edts. Mencuccini, M., Grace, J., Mencrieff, J., MacNaughton, K. CAB International, Wallingford, UK.
  • Quinton, J. N., Morgan, R. P. C., Archer, N. A. L., Hall, G. M. & Green A. (2002). Bioengineering principles and desertification mitigation. In: Mediterranean Desertification: a mosaic of processes and responses. Edts. Geeson, N. A., Brandt, C. J., Thornes, J. B. John Wiley and Sons Ltd. U.K.

Professional association

  • Member of the British Hydrological Society
  • Member of the European Geosciences Union

Research interests

  • Bringing together concepts combining Art and Science
  • Groundwater/surface water interactions and flood mitigation.
  • Scaling processes of soil water distribution and hydrological soil processes.
  • The consequences of land use on water pathways and how this affects flooding and water availability.
  • Connectivity of rainfall to groundwater through the sub-surface soil interface.
  • Forest biodiversity and soil development.