Mrs Katy Freeborough

Mrs Katy Freeborough

Applied Geohazard Specialist

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3014

E-mail Mrs Katy Freeborough


  •  2001 – ongoing : Geoscientist, BGS, Keyworth
  •  2000 –2001 : Temporary Work: Environment Agency, Nottingham
  •  1998 –1999 : Work Placemement: Environment Agency, Nottingham
  •  1996 –2000 : BSc Physical Geography, Coventry University

Research interests

  • Landslides of the UK
  • Manager of the National Landslide Database
  • Shrink-Swell Clays of the UK and the Urban Environment
  • Dissolution and Karst Geohazards
  • Communicating science to the public: Science and Engineering Ambassador

Published outputs

  • NERC Open Research Archive — Katy Freeborough
  • Harrison, A M, Lee, K A, Holbrook, H W, Jones, L D., Freeborough, K A, Grebby, S. 2012b. Satellite derived soil moiture data and shrink swell research: Final report. British Geological Survey Internal Report (OR/12/138).
  • Harrison, A M., Freeborough, K A, Lee, K A, Jones, L D, Bateson, L. 2011. Satellite derived soil moisture data and shrink swell research: A scoping report. British Geological Survey Internal Report (IR/12/015).
  • Ridgway, J.; Bee, E.; Breward, N.; Cave, M.; Chenery, S.; Gowing, C.; Harrison, I.; Hodgkinson, E.; Humphreys, B.; Ingham, M.; Jarrow, A.; Jenkins, G.; Kim, A.; Lister, R.T.; Milodowski, A.; Pearson, S.; Rowlands, K.; Spiro, B.; Strutt, M.; Turner, P.; Vane, C. 2012. The Mersey Estuary : sediment geochemistry. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 206pp. (RR/10/002)
  • Jenkins, G.O.; Freeborough, K.A.; Morgan, D.J.R. 2010. Landslide nature and distribution on the Market Rasen 1:50k geological sheet. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 11pp. (OR/10/013)

Key papers

Freeborough, K. A., Pennington, C. V. L. and Dashwood, C. 2014. Landslides in the East Midlands. Mercian Geologist 18(3): 185-187.

Pennington, C. V. L., Freeborough, K. A., Dashwood, C., Dijkstra, T. A. and Lawrie, K. 2015. The National Landslide Database of Great Britain: acquisition, communication and the role of social media. Geomorphology.

Pennington, C. V. L., Dijkstra, T. A., Lark, M., Dashwood, C., Harrison, A. M., Freeborough, K. A. and Reeves, H. J. 2014. Antecedent precipitation as a potential proxy for landslide incidence in South West United Kingdom. In: Sassa, K. et al. (eds), Landslides Science for a Safer Geoenvironment Vol. 1. pp253-259. Third World Landslide Forum 2014, Beijing.

Hobbs, P.; Gibson, A.; Jones, L.; Poulton, C.; Jenkins, G.; Pearson, S.; Freeborough, K. 2010. Monitoring coastal change using terrestrial LiDAR. In: Fleming, Claire; Marsh, Stuart; Giles, Jeremy, (eds.) Elevation models for geoscience. Geological Society of London, 117-127. (Geological Society Special Publications, 345).

Freeborough, K.A.; Gibson, A.D.; Hall, M.; Poulton, C.; Wildman, G.; Forster, A.; Burt, E. 2006. Landslide and mass movement processes and their distribution in the Wellington district of Somerset. Geoscience in south-west England - Proceedings of the Ussher Society, 11 (2). 139-144.

Rawlins, Barry G.; Kemp, Simon J.; Hodgkinson, Emily H.; Riding, James B.; Vane, Christopher H.; Poulton, Catherine; Freeborough, Katy. 2006. Potential and pitfalls in establishing the provenance of earth-related samples in forensic investigations. Journal of Forensic Science, 51 (4). 832-845. 10.1111/j.1556-4029.2006.00152.x