Miss Debbie Allen

Miss Debbie Allen Scientific Officer

Location: Wallingford

Tel: 01491 69 2391

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  •  2007 –2011 :  University of Newcastle upon Tyne, MSc Applied Hydrogeology
  •  1996 –2005 :  The Open University, BSc(Hons) Geosciences


  •  Field hydrochemistry; including groundwaters, surface waters and porewaters.
  •  Groundwater ecology sampling and identification of target species of groundwater fauna.
  •  Measurement of dissolved noble gases

Current projects and collaboration

  •  Groundwater ecology in collaboration with CEH, Lee Knight (Hypogean Crustacea Recording Scheme) and Roehampton University.
  •  Sand dune hydrochemistry in collaboration with CEH.

Research interests

  •  Groundwater Ecology
  •  Hydrochemical evolution of groundwaters. Groundwater residence time indicators.

Published outputs