Mrs Anna Harrison

Mrs Anna Harrison

Quaternary Geoscientist

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3230

E-mail Mrs Anna Harrison


Anna is an Applied Quaternary Geoscientist and has worked at BGS for over 16 years, and is an established member of the “Shallow Geohazards and Risk” and “Geohazard Product Development” Teams. She is a key contributor to commercial and non-commercial projects and her work involves research utilising climatic and geological datasets, geohazard databases, GIS, field observations, aerial photography and expert Quaternary knowledge.


Research interests

Professional association

  •  2004 –2012 : Fellow of the Geological Society, London
  •  2004 – ongoing : Member of Geological Society of Norfolk
  •  2002 – ongoing : Member of the Quaternary Research Association


  •  2012 : Richardson Award (Geologists' Association)
  •  2012 : Lloyd's Science of Risk Prize. Runner up in the Climate Change category.

Current projects and collaboration

  • Geological mapping of Quaternary deposits
  • Science Communication
  • Researching satellite derived soil moisture data
  • Research into the impacts of climate change on UK geohazards such as the shrink swell properties of clays

Published outputs

  • Harrison, A M, Lee, K A, Holbrook, H W, Jones, L D., Freeborough, K A, Grebby, S. 2012b. Satellite derived soil moiture data and shrink swell research: Final report. British Geological Survey Internal Report OR/12/138.
  • Harrison, A M., Freeborough, K A, Lee, K A, Jones, L D, Bateson, L. 2011. Satellite derived soil moisture data and shrink swell research: A scoping report. British Geological Survey Internal Report IR/12/015.
  • Harrison, A,M., Plim, J. 2009. Geohazards & Climate Change: A shrink/swell GIS model. British Geological Survey Internal Report, IR/09/034. 27pp

Key papers

Pennington, C. V. L., Dijkstra, T. A., Lark, M., Dashwood, C., Harrison, A. M., Freeborough, K. A. and Reeves, H. J. (in press). Antecedent precipitation as a potential proxy for landslide incidence in the UK. Third World Landslide Forum 2014.

Pennington, C.V.L. and Harrison, A. M. 2013. 2012 - Landslide Year? Was the increase in UK landslides during 2012 real or apparent?, GeoScientist Magazine. v. 23 (5)pp10-15.

Harrison, A M, Plim, J F M, Harrison, M, Jones, L D, Culshaw, M G. 2012a. The relationship between shrink–swell occurrence and climate in south-east England. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, Vol. 123, 556-575.

Harrison, A. M., M. Harrison, et al. (2010). UK regional scale modelling of natural geohazards and climate change. Proceedings of the 11th Conference of the International Association of Engineering Geology and the Environment, Auckland, New Zealand, CRC Press/Balkema.

Candy, Ian; Lee, Jonathan; Harrison, Anna, (eds.) 2008. The Quaternary of northern East Anglia : field guide. Quaternary Research Association. (Quaternary Research Association Field Guide).

Harrison, Anna; Lee, Jonathan. 2008. Blakeney Esker : an exercise in public awareness. In: Candy, I.; Lee, Jonathan; Harrison, Anna, (eds.) The Quaternary of northern East Anglia : field guide. Quaternary Research Association, 223-230. (Quaternary Research Association field guide).

Harrison, A.M.; Morigi, A.N.; Thomas, I.A.; Down, K.E.; Linley, K.A.; Steadman, E.J.; Williams, N.; Lawley, R. 2007. Aggregate supply and demand for sustainable communities : a practical approach to problem-solving [executive summary]. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 20pp. (OR/07/005)

Jarrow, Anna. 2006. Norfolk's glaciers: the Blakeney Esker project. Planet Earth, Winter 2006. 32.