Rhian Kendall

Mrs Rhian Kendall

Survey Geologist

Location: Cardiff

Tel: 029 2167 4280

E-mail Rhian Kendall

Published outputs

  • NERC Open Research Archive — Rhian Kendall
  • Bloodworth, Kendall, Bide and Raynor. 2010. Mineral Planning Factsheet, Coal.
  • Kendall RS. 2013. Geological indicators of carbonaceous mudstone in Wales: implications for shale gas potential. IR/13/041
  • Kendall, R.S. 2015. Conceptual cross-sections of superficial deposits in Cardiff. Open Report. OR/15/045. 12pp
  • Waters, C N, Kendall, R. and Thorpe, S. 2015. Geological Framework Model and surface data for the area south of Ammanford. British Geological Survey Internal Report, IR/15/007. 61 pp.
  • Kendall, Bloodworth and Smith. 2011. Mineral Planning Factsheet, Alternative Fossil Fuels.
  • Kendall, R, Brown, T and Hetherington, L. Mineral Profile Coal 2010. BGS Web Publication.


  • 2009 – ongoing : British Geological Survey
  • 2000 –2005 : Cardiff University Part time graduate research, Palaeobotany
  • 1997 –2008 : Cambrian Consultants/RPS Energy (Hydrocarbon sector) Geologist
  • 1997 : Cardiff University, Environmental Law
  • 1996 : Dip Higher Ed Cardiff University, Computer Sciences
  • 1993 : BSc University of Glamorgan, Applied Sciences (Geology)

Commissioned reports

  • DJD Lawrence, GJ Farr, K Whitbread and R Kendall. 2013. The geology, hydrogeology and vulnerability of the Great Spring Source Protection Zone CR/13/024
  • Farrant, A R, Woods, M A, Maurice, L, Haslam, R, Raines, M and Kendall, R. 2015. Geology of the Kilham area and its influence on groundwater flow. British Geological Survey Commissioned Report CR/16/023
  • RS Kendall, PR Wilby, D Boon, D Entwisle & K Freeborough. 2015. Summary Applied Geology of the Dyfi Catchment. British Geological Survey Commissioned Report, CR/15/064. 70pp
  • Unconventional Gas in Wales. Commercial project for Welsh Government.

Current projects and collaboration

Professional association

Research interests

  • Geology of Wales
  • Hydrocarbons: oil and gas, shale gas and coal
  • Limestone and karst geology
  • Palaeontology


  • 3D Sub-surface modelling and volumetrics
  • Field geology
  • Geoconservation
  • Science into policy
  • Sequence stratigraphy
  • Wireline log interpretation

Key papers

Phillips, E., Lee, R.,Riding,J.,Kendall, R., Hughes, L., Periglacial disruption and subsequent glacitectonic deformation of bedrock: an example from Anglesey, North Wales, UK. Proc. Geol. Assoc. (2012).

Kendall, R and Guilford, T. 2011. On the occurrence and distribution of bats in Ogof Draenen (Cave and Karst Science Vol 38, No1, 2011).

Kendall, A and Hicks, R, 2003. On the occurrence of Carboniferous fish spines within Ogof Draenen (Cave and Karst Science Vol 30, No1, 2003).

  • Kendall R S. 2015. The Old Red Sandstone: is it Old, is it Red, is it all Sandstone? Earth Heritage Magazine. V43
  • Kendall R. 2012. Wales First. Earth Heritage Magazine. V33.