Mr Paul Turner

Mr Paul Turner GIS/Remote Sensing

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3032

E-mail Mr Paul Turner


  •  2001 :  Digital Cartographer, GIS Analyst, Photogrammetrist, BGS
  •  1994 –2001 :  Digital Cartographer, BGS
  •  1993 :  Cartographer, Zambia Geological Survey
  •  1988 :  Cartographer, Zimbabwe Geological Survey
  •  1979 :  Cartographer, BGS

Current projects and collaboration

  •  BGS-SIGMA project
  •  UAE mapping project


  •  BGS Trainer for MicroStation, ArcGIS, SocetSet Photogrammetry and Microsoft Word
  •  Digital cartography
  •  Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  •  Photogrammetry

Published outputs

Key papers

JOHNSON, C C, and TURNER, P. 2010. Publication of maps and reports for Master Cells. Nigerian Geochemical Mapping Technical Assistance Project. British Geological Survey Commissioned Report CR/10/055.

OMOTEHINSE, A A, ISEGHOHI, D A, TURNER, P, KNIGHTS, K V, and JOHNSON, C C. 2010. Report on GIS/ Database Training Course.Nigerian Geochemical Mapping Technical Assistance Project. British Geological Survey Commissioned Report  CR/10/022

JORDAN C J, CARNEY J N, MCDONNELL P, MCEVOY F M, TURNER P, THOMAS C W & MCMANUS K. 2009. Ghana Airborne Geophysics Project in the Volta and Keta Basin: BGS Final Report. British Geological Survey Commissioned Report CR/09/02.

R M KEY, P E J PITFIELD, R J THOMAS, R A ANNELLS, W BAUER, B CHACKSFIELD, B DEWAELE, J FORD, K M GOODENOUGH, M HALL, M HAWKINS, M HORSTWOOD, C JORDAN, D LAPWORTH, E O’CONNOR, G POULIQUEN, M STYLES, P TURNER, 2008. Revision de la cartographie géologique et miniáre des zones Nord, Centre et Centre-Est de Madagascar. CR/08/078

TURNER, PAUL; PIOVARCI, M.; TRAGHEIM, DOUGLAS; BATESON, LUKE; CHACKSFIELD, BARRIE. 2008 From paper maps to a new geoscience digital store : cartographic developments in the Precambrian geology of central and northern Madagascar [abstract]. In: 22nd Colloquium of African Geology, Hammamet, Tunisia, 4-6 November 2008. Geological Society of Africa, 309-311.