Mr Nigel Smith

Mr Nigel Smith

Seismic/Basin Analyst

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3218

E-mail Mr Nigel Smith


  •  2008 : Unconventional hydrocarbons
  •  1987 –1991 : Hydrocarbons Group Grange Terrace
  •  1976 –1978 : Field mapping in Africa
  •  1974 –1975 : MSc University of London Marine Earth Science
  •  1974 –1975 : Marine surveying Atlantic and Channel
  •  1969 –1972 : BSc University of Wales Geology


  • Basin analysis
  • Seismic reflection interpretation
  • GIS “compliant”

Professional association

  • Fellow and Chartered Geologist of the Geological Society

Research interests

  • Hydrocarbons
  • Hydrogen, coal
  • Subsurface UK

Commissioned reports

  •  2010 : Analogues from worldwide shale gas (and shale oil) exploration to illustrate the potential for oil and shale gas exploitation in the UK
  •  2010 : The unconventional hydrocarbon resources of Britain's onshore basins- coalbed methane (CBM)
  •  2010 : The unconventional hydrocarbon resources of Britain's onshore basins- shale gas

Current projects and collaboration

  • 21CXRM Palaeozoic Project in Central North Sea, Moray Firth and East Irish Sea. Sherwood Sandstone Group subdivision. London rocks' physical properties. Research borehole prognosis.
  • Shale Gas, Coalbed methane, UK Unconformity maps, deep geology of nearshore

Published outputs

  • Smith, N. J. P. 2013. Geology and logistic issues in a densely populated area. In: Musialski, C., Altmann, M., Lechtenbohmer, S. & Zittel, W. (Eds). Shale Gas in Europe. Claeys & Casteels Publishers, Deventer. 273-304.

Key papers

SMITH, TURNER & WILLIAMS. 2011 UK data and analysis for shale gas prospectivity. 7th Petroleum Geology Conference. March-April 2009. 1087-1098.

SMITH, N.J.P., SHEPHERD, T. J., STYLES, M. T. & WILLIAMS, G. M.  2005. Hydrogen exploration: a review of global hydrogen accumulations and implications for prospective areas in NW Europe. Proceedings of the 6th Petroleum Geology Conference, 349-360.