Dr David Noy

Dr David Noy

Mathematical Modeller

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3139

E-mail Dr David Noy


  •  1981 – ongoing : Mathematical modeller, British Geological Survey
  •  1980 –1981 : Post-doctoral Research, City University, Seismic wave propogation modelling
  •  1976 –1979 : PhD, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Marine magnetic anomalies in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden
  •  1973 –1976 : BA Oxford University, Physics

Research interests

  • Geological CO2 sequestration
  • Radioactive waste disposal

Published outputs

Key papers

Horseman S.T., Harrington J.F., and Noy D.J., 2007. Swelling and osmotic flow in a potential host rock. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, 32, 408-420.

Harrington J.F., Noy D.J., Horseman S.T., Birchall D.J. and Chadwick R.A, 2009. Laboratory study of gas and water flow in the Nordland Shale, Sleipner, North Sea. In, M.Grobe, J.C.Pashin, and R.L.Dodge, eds., Carbon dioxide sequestration in geological media – State of the science: AAPG Studies in Geology 59, p.521-543.

Chadwick R.A., Noy D.J. and Holloway S., 2009. Flow processes and pressure evolution in aquifers during the injection of supercritical CO2 as a greenhouse gas mitigation measure. Petroleum Geoscience, 15, 59-73.

Cuss R.J., Harrington J.F., Noy D.J., Wikman A., and Sellin P., 2011. Large scale gas injection test (Lasgit): Results from two gas injection tests. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, 36, 1729-1742.

Noy D.J., Holloway S., Chadwick R.A., Williams J.D.O., Hannis S.A., and Lahann R.W., 2012. Modelling large-scale carbon dioxide injection into the Bunter Sandstone in the UK Southern North Sea. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 9, 220-233