David Long

David LongTeam Leader of Marine Geohazards

Location: Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 650 0363

E-mail David Long


  • 2007–current: Team Leader of  Marine Geohazards Team
  • 2007–current: Deputy Team Leader of Marine Geological Mapping Team
  • 1984: Charter Geologist
  • 1976: MSc University of Leeds, Engineering Geology and Geotechnics
  • 1975: BSc University of Leicester, Geology

Research interests

  • Marine Geohazards
  • Shallow gas and gas hydrates
  • Submarine landslides
  • Tsunamis
  • Habitat mapping
  • Cold water coral – Lophelia peretusa


  • Marine Geology
  • Quaternary Geology
  • Engineering Geology

Current projects and collaboration

Professional association

Published outputs

Key Papers

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