Lee Jones

Mr Lee Jones

Geological Engineer

Location: BGS Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3322

E-mail Lee Jones


  • 2014 – ongoing : Project Leader: Ground-based Geomatics Surveys
  • 2000 –2015 : Project Leader: Ground Shrinkage Hazards
  • 1999 : B.Eng.(Hons), Nottingham Trent University, Civil Engineering
  • 1990 – ongoing : Geological Engineer, British Geological Survey


  • Geologists Association Richardson Award: Winner: 2012 Harrison, A.M., Plim, J.F.M., Harrison, M., Jones, L.D. and Culshaw, M.G.
  • Geotechnical Group of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Best Thesis: Winner: 2000 Jones, L.D. A Shrink/Swell Classification for UK Clay Soils
  • Lloyds Science of Risk. Climate Change: Runner up: 2012 Harrison, A.M., Plim, J.F.M., Harrison, M., Jones, L.D. and Culshaw, M.G.
  • Lloyds Science of Risk. Hazards: Runner up: 2011 Jones, L.D. and Terrington, R.

Key papers

  • 1997 Gunn, D.A., Jones, L.D., Raines, M.G., Entwisle, D.C. and Hobbs, P.R.N. Correcting Laboratory Thermal Measurements for Application to the Rock Mass. Proc. 3rd European Engineering Geology Conference. University of Newcastle. 10-14 September, 1997.
  • 1998 Gunn, D.A., Jones, L.D., McCann, D.M. and Culshaw, M.G. The Effects of Normal Consolidation and Partial Saturation on the Seismic Properties of Marine Sediments. Proc. Oceanology International 98 Conference. Brighton Metropole. 10-13 March, 1998.
  • 2000 Hobbs, P.R.N. and Jones, L.D. Clay shrinkage research at the British Geological Survey. Slips, Shrinks, and Swells – Clay Minerals & Geotechnics. Joint Meeting of the Clay Minerals Group of the Mineralogical Society and Engineering Group of the Geological Society. Keyworth, Nottingham, Dec 2000.
  • 2000 Hobbs, P.R.N., Jones, L.D., Northmore, K.J. and Entwisle, D.C. Shrinkage behaviour of some tropical clays. In: Rahardjo, Toll, D. and Leong (eds.), Proceedings of the Asian Conference on Unsaturated Soils, UNSAT-ASIA 2000, Singapore. A. A. Balkema, Rotterdam, 675-680.
  • 2003 Gunn, D.A., Jones, L. D., Raines, M. G., Entwisle, D. C. and Hobbs, P. R. N. Laboratory measurement and correction of thermal properties for application to the rock mass. Geotechnical and Geological Engineering 23(6): 773-791.
  • 2003 Rowlands, K. A., Jones, L. D. and Whitworth M. Landslide laser scanning: a new look at an old problem. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology. 36, 155-157.
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  • 2006 Donnelly, L., Jones, L.D., Palmer, M. and Dilkes, C. Engineering geological and geotechnical aspects of the Soufriere Hills volcanic eruption, Montserrat. IAEG2006 Engineering Geology for tomorrow’s cities. Nottingham, UK, September 2006.
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  • 2007 Jones, L.D. The application of terrestrial LiDAR to Volcano Monitoring – An example from the Montserrat Volcano Observatory. Civil Engineering Surveyor magazine , publ: Buxton Press, November 2007, 21-23.
  • 2009 Jones, L.D. Montserrat. Seconds from Catastrophe? Living with an active volcano. Teaching Earth Science. 34, No. 1, 20-23.
  • 2010 Donnelly, L.J., Jones, L.D. and Ojeda, J. Landslides and mining hazards in Columbia, South America. International Association of Engineering Geology, Auckland, New Zealand, 5-10 Sept 2010.
  • 2010 Hobbs, P.; Gibson, A.; Jones, L.; Poulton, C.; Jenkins, G.; Pearson, S.; Freeborough, K.. Monitoring coastal change using terrestrial LiDAR. In: Fleming, Claire; Marsh, Stuart; Giles, Jeremy, (eds.) Elevation models for geoscience. Geological Society of London, 117-127. (Geological Society Special Publications, 345.)
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  • 2010 Loughlin, S.C., Luckett, R., Ryan, G., Christopher, T., Hards, V., De Angelis, S., Jones, L. and Strutt, M. An overview of lava dome evolution, dome collapse and cyclicity at Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat, 2005-7. Geophysical Research Letters,37, L00E16, doi:10.1029/2010GL042547.
  • 2010 Ryan, G., Loughlin, S.C., James, M., Jones, L., Calder, E., Christopher, T., Strutt, M. and Wadge, G. Growth of the lava dome and extrusion rates at Soufriere Hills Volcano Montserrat, West Indies, 2005-8. Geophysical Research Letters,37, L00E08, doi:10.1029/2009GL041477.
  • 2011 Jones, L.D. and Terrington, R. Modelling volume change potential in the London clay. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, 44 (1). 109-122. 10.1144/1470-9236/08-112.
  • 2012 Harrison, A.M., Plim, J.F.M., Harrison, M., Jones, L.D. and Culshaw, M.G. The relationship between shrink–swell occurrence and climate in south-east England. Proceedings of the Geologists Association.
  • 2012 Jones, Lee D. and Jefferson, Ian. Expansive soils. In: Burland, J., (ed.) ICE manual of geotechnical engineering. Volume 1, geotechnical engineering principles, problematic soils and site investigation. London, UK, ICE Publishing, 413-441.
  • 2013 Hobbs, P.R.N., Jones, L.D., Kirkham, M.P., Roberts, P., Haslam, E.P. and Gunn, D.A. A new apparatus for determining the shrinkage limit of clay soils. Geotechnique 64(3), 195-203
  • 2013 Philips, E., Finlayson, A. and Jones, L. Fracturing, block-faulting and moulin development associated with progressive collapse and retreat of a polar maritime glacier: Virkisjökull-Falljökull, SE Iceland. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface. 118(3), 1545-1561
  • 2014 Philips, E., Finlayson, A., Bradwell, T., Everest, J. and Jones, L. Structural evolution triggers a dynamic reduction in active glacier length during rapid retreat: evidence from Falljokull, SE Iceland. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface
  • 2017 Everest, J., Bradwell, T., Jones, L. and Hughes, L. The geomorphology of Svínafellsjökull and Virkisjökull-Falljökull, southeast Iceland: a landsystem of rapid glacial retreat. Journal of Maps
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  • 2017 Phillips, E., Everest, J., Evans, D. J., A., Finlayson, A., Ewertowski, M., Guild, A. and Jones, L. D. Concentrated, “pulsed” axial glacier flow: structural glaciological evidence from Kvíárjökull in SE Iceland. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. March 2017
  • 2017 Tapete, D., Banks, V., Jones, L., Kirkham, M. and Garton, D. Contextualising archaeological models with geological, airborne and terrestrial LiDAR data: The Ice Age landscape in Farndon Fields, Nottinghamshire, UK. Journal of Archaeological Science. 81 (2017), 31-48

Professional association

  • Schools Liason, Engineering Group of the Geological Society, London
  • Treasurer, East Midlands Regional Group of the Geological Society, London
  • 2009 : Member of the Subsidence Forum
  • 2000 : Fellow of the Geological Society, London
  • 1994 : Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, London

Published outputs

Research interests

  • Engineering Geology
  • Engineering Surveying, Geological Hazard Assessment, Terrain Modelling, Mapping & Interpretation
  • Geotechnical & Geophysical Soil & Rock Properties Laboratory and Field Testing, Analysis & Modelling
  • Specialist Terrestrial LiDAR, GNSS, TPS & UAV Surveying (Ground-based Geomatics)