Dr David Jones

Dr David Jones Project leader/geochemist

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3576

E-mail Dr David Jones


  •  1981 :  DPhil. Oxford University
  •  1980 –To date :  Research Scientist, BGS
  •  1976 :  BSc (Hons) Geology Leeds University

Research interests

  •  CCS Monitoring plans
  •  CO2 storage
  •  Contamination of marine (estuarine) sediments
  •  Environmental radioactivity
  •  Near surface gas monitoring techniques (especially for CCS)
  •  Potential impacts of CO2 leakage

Current projects and collaboration

  •  CO2GeoNet/CGS Europe
  •  CO2ReMoVe
  •  Coordinator RISCS FP7 Project
  •  Marine contamination (Clyde Estuary and elsewhere)
  •  Spacemon ESA project
  •  Surface gas monitoring, CO2 Field Lab project, Norway
  •  Surface gas monitoring, Weyburn-Midale project, Canada

Professional association

  •  Chartered Geologist
  •  Fellow of the Geological Society of London

Published outputs

Key papers

Arts, R J, Jones, D G, Chadwick, R A, Klinkby, L, Bernstone, C, Sørensen, A T. 2011. Development of a monitoring plan for the Vedsted structure in Denmark. Energy Procedia, 4, 3558-3565.

Beresford, N A, Barnett, C L, Jones, D G,Wood, M D,Appleton, J D, Breward, N, Copplestone, D. 2008. Background exposure rates of terrestrial wildlife in England and Wales. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 99, 1430-1439

Jones, D G, Barlow,T, Beaubien, S E, Ciotoli, G, Lister, T R, Lombardi, S, May, F,Möller, I, Pearce, J M,Shaw, R A 2009. New and established techniques for surface gas monitoring at onshore CO2 storage sites Energy Procedia, 1, 2127-2134

Jones, D G, Lister, T R, Smith, D J, West, J M, Coombs, P,Gadalia, A, Brach, M, Annunziatellis, A, Lombardi, S . 2011. In Salah Gas CO2 Storage JIP: Surface gas and biological monitoring. Energy Procedia, 4, 3566-3573

Krüger, M, Jones, D, Frerichs, J, Oppermann, B I, West, J, Coombs, P, Green, K, Barlow, T, Lister, R, Shaw, R, Strutt, M and Möller, I. 2011. Effects of elevated CO2 concentrations on the vegetation and microbial populations at a terrestrial CO2 vent at Laacher See, Germany. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, Vol. 5, 1093-1098

Scheib, C, Appleton J D, Miles J C H, Green, B M R, Barlow, T S, and Jones, D G. 2009. Geological controls on radon potential in Scotland. Scottish Journal of Geology , 45, 147-160

Vane, C H, Chenery, S R, Harrison, I, Kim, A W, Moss-Hayes, V and Jones, D G. 2011. Chemical signatures of the Anthropocene in the Clyde estuary, UK: sediment-hosted Pb, 207/206Pb, total petroleum hydrocarbon, polyaromatic hydrocarbon and polychlorinated biphenyl pollution records. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, Vol. 369, 1085-1111.