Dr David Jones

Dr David Jones

Project leader/geochemist

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3576

E-mail Dr David Jones


  •  1981 : DPhil. Oxford University
  •  1980 – ongoing : Research Scientist, BGS
  •  1976 : BSc (Hons) Geology Leeds University

Professional association

  • Chartered Geologist
  • Fellow of the Geological Society of London

Research interests

  • CCS Monitoring plans
  • CO2 storage
  • Contamination of marine (estuarine) sediments
  • Environmental radioactivity
  • Near surface gas monitoring techniques (especially for CCS)
  • Potential impacts of CO2 leakage

Current projects and collaboration

  • 'Development and Application of New Advanced Methods in Fluid Geochemistry and Hydrothermal Alteration for the Exploration of Geothermal Systems' with Institute for Renewable Energy (Instituto de Energías Renovables, IER), UNAM, Mexico
  • CO2GeoNet
  • Energy Technologies Institute Measurement, Monitoring and Verification projects
  • Marine contamination (Clyde Estuary and elsewhere)
  • STFC CLASP project 'Large area two dimensional mapping of carbon dioxide fluxes for assessment and control of carbon capture and storage' with RAL and Shell
  • UKCCSRC 'International Injection sites' and Bongwana, South Africa
  •  2010 –2014 : Coordinator RISCS FP7 Project
  •  2009 –2014 : Surface gas monitoring, CO2 Field Lab project, Norway
  •  2006 –2012 : CO2ReMoVe
  •  2000 –2011 : Surface gas monitoring, Weyburn-Midale project, Canada

Published outputs

Key papers

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