Mr Paul Henni

Mr Paul Henni Marine Information Project Leader

Location: Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 6500 275

E-mail Mr Paul Henni


  •  2009 –present :  Senior Marine Information Project Leader and MEDIN Data Archive Centre Manager
  •  2003 –2008 :  Deputy Marine Information Project Leader, Database and GIS Data Manager
  •  2002 :  BSc (Open) IT/Earth Science (awarded Open University 2002)
  •  1991 –2002 :  Manager of the National Seismological Archives, Global & Historical Seismology and Seismic Hazard Project work
  •  1987 –1991 :  Self-Employed Freelance Designer and Sculptor
  •  1984 –1987 :  General Manager, Gamesmaster

Boards and committees

  •  2009 –present :  Marine Environmental Data and Information Network (MEDIN) Data Archive Centre (DAC) Committee Member


  •  Leading and Developing Specialist Teams
  •  Management of geoscience data and information for long-term storage and delivery
  •  Visualisation of data using mixed applications; Oracle Spatial Database, Data analysis and visualisation software (e.g. Generic Mapping Tools(GMT), ESRI ArcGIS), Graphics applications.

Commissioned reports

  •  Co-author of around 11 Commercial in Confidence Commissioned Reports.
  •  2004 :  Holmes, R., Bulat, J., Henni, P.H.O., Fraser, J., Gillespie, E., Holt, J., James, C., Kenyon, N., Leslie, A., Musson, R., Long, D., Pearson, S., and Stewart, H. 2004. DTI Strategic Environmental Assessment area 5 (SEA 5) superficial Geology and Processes. British Geological Survey Commissioned Report. CR/04/064N.
  •  2002 :  Holmes, R. , Downie, A., Fraser, J., Graham, C., Gunn, V., Henni, P.H.O, Jacobs, C., Shannon, P., Stevenson, A.G. 2002. DTI Strategic Environmental Assessment area 7 (SEA 7) Geological Metadata. British Geological Survey Commissioned Report. CR/02/02. 132pp., 15 figs, 2 Appendices.

Current projects and collaboration

Published outputs

Key papers

Musson, R.M.W, and Henni, P.H.O., 2002. The felt effects of the Carlisle earthquake of the 26 December 1979, Scottish Journal of Geology, vol38 no2, pp113-125.

Musson, R.M.W, and Henni, P.H.O., 2001. Methodological considerations of probabilistic seismic hazard mapping, Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 21 (5) pp. 385-403.

Musson, R.M.W, and Henni, P.H.O., 1999. From Questionnaires to intensities - Assessing free-form macroseismic data in the UK, Phys. Chem. Earth (A), vol24 no 6, pp 511-515.

Haak, H.W., Meidow H., Ahorner L., Verbeiren R., Hoang-Trong P., Musson R.M.W., Henni, P.H.O., Schenkova Z., and Zimova R. 1995. The Macroseismic Map of The Roermond Earthquake of April 13, 1992. Geol. Mijnb., Vol. 73, Nos. 2-4, pp 265-270.