Paul Henni

Mr Paul Henni

Corporate Data Manager

Location: Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 6500 275

E-mail Paul Henni


  •  2016 – ongoing : Corporate Data Manager
  •  2009 –2015 : Senior Marine Information Project Leader and MEDIN Data Archive Centre Manager
  •  2003 –2008 : Deputy Marine Information Project Leader, Database and GIS Data Manager
  •  2002 : BSc (Open) IT/Earth Science (awarded Open University 2002)
  •  1991 –2002 : Manager of the National Seismological Archives, Global & Historical Seismology and Seismic Hazard Project work
  •  1987 –1991 : Self-Employed Freelance Designer and Sculptor
  •  1984 –1987 : General Manager, Gamesmaster

Current projects and collaboration

  • As Corporate Data Manager, lead the team of specialist Data Managers, collaborating across science disciplines, to provide data management to BGS and the external user community.


  • Leading and Developing Specialist Teams
  • Management of geoscience data and information for long-term storage and delivery

Boards and committees

  •  2009 – ongoing : Marine Environmental Data and Information Network (MEDIN) Data Archive Centre (DAC) Committee Member

Commissioned reports

  • Co-author of around 11 Commercial in Confidence Commissioned Reports.
  •  2004 : Holmes, R., Bulat, J., Henni, P.H.O., Fraser, J., Gillespie, E., Holt, J., James, C., Kenyon, N., Leslie, A., Musson, R., Long, D., Pearson, S., and Stewart, H. 2004. DTI Strategic Environmental Assessment area 5 (SEA 5) superficial Geology and Processes. British Geological Survey Commissioned Report. CR/04/064N.
  •  2002 : Holmes, R. , Downie, A., Fraser, J., Graham, C., Gunn, V., Henni, P.H.O, Jacobs, C., Shannon, P., Stevenson, A.G. 2002. DTI Strategic Environmental Assessment area 7 (SEA 7) Geological Metadata. British Geological Survey Commissioned Report. CR/02/02. 132pp., 15 figs, 2 Appendices.

Published outputs

Key papers

Musson, R.M.W, and Henni, P.H.O., 2002. The felt effects of the Carlisle earthquake of the 26 December 1979, Scottish Journal of Geology, vol38 no2, pp113-125.

Musson, R.M.W, and Henni, P.H.O., 2001. Methodological considerations of probabilistic seismic hazard mapping, Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 21 (5) pp. 385-403.

Musson, R.M.W, and Henni, P.H.O., 1999. From Questionnaires to intensities - Assessing free-form macroseismic data in the UK, Phys. Chem. Earth (A), vol24 no 6, pp 511-515.

Haak, H.W., Meidow H., Ahorner L., Verbeiren R., Hoang-Trong P., Musson R.M.W., Henni, P.H.O., Schenkova Z., and Zimova R. 1995. The Macroseismic Map of The Roermond Earthquake of April 13, 1992. Geol. Mijnb., Vol. 73, Nos. 2-4, pp 265-270.