Dr Timothy Heaton

Dr Timothy Heaton

Principal Researcher

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3401

E-mail Dr Timothy Heaton


  •  1988 : Research Scientist, NERC Isotope Geosciences Laboratory
  •  1977 –1987 : Research Scientist, National Physical Research Laboratory, South Africa

Research interests

  • Hydrochemistry
  • Stable isotope Geochemistry
  • The nitrogen cycle


  • Isotope geochemistry and mass spectrometry

Professional association

  • Member, NERC Peer Review College

Published outputs

Key papers

Heaton, T.H.E., Jones, J., Halstead, P. and Tsipropoulos, T. 2009. Variations in the 13C/12C ratios of modern wheat grain, and implications for interpreting data from Bronze Age Assiros Toumba, Greece. Journal of Archaeological Sciences, 36, 2224-2233.

Heaton, T.H.E., Trick, J.K. and Williams, G.M. 2005. Isotope and dissolved gas evidence for nitrogen attenuation in landfill leachate dispersing into a chalk aquifer. Applied Geochemistry, 20, 933-945.

Heaton, T.H.E., Wynn, P., and Tye, A. (2004). Low 15N/14N ratios for nitrate in snow in the High Arctic (79oN). Atmospheric Environment, 38, 5611-5621.

Heaton, T.H.E. 1999. Spatial, species and temporal variations in the 13C/12C ratios of C3 plants: implications for palaeodiet studies. Journal of Archaeological Science, 26, 637-649.

Heaton, T.H.E., Spiro, B. and Robertson, S.M.C. 1997. Potential canopy influences on the isotopic composition of nitrogen and sulphur in atmospheric deposition. Oecologia, 109, 600-607.

Heaton, T.H.E., Holmes, J.A. and Bridgwater N.D. 1995. Carbon and oxygen isotope variations among lacustrine ostracods: implications for their use in palaeoclimatic studies. The Holocene, 5, 428-434.

Heaton, T.H.E. 1990. 15N/14N ratios of NOx from vehicle engines and coal-fired power stations. Tellus, 42B, 304-307.

Heaton, T.H.E. 1987. 15N/14N ratios of nitrate and ammonium in rain at Pretoria, South Africa. Atmospheric Environment, 21, 843-852.

Heaton, T.H.E. 1987. The 15N/14N ratios of plants in South Africa and Namibia: relationship to climate and coastal/saline environments. Oecologia, 74, 236-246.

Heaton, T.H.E. 1986. Isotopic studies of nitrogen pollution in the hydrosphere and atmosphere: a review. Chemical Geology, 59, 87-102.

Heaton, T.H.E., Vogel, J.C., von la Chevalerie, G. and Collett, G. 1986. Climatic influence on the isotopic composition of bone nitrogen. Nature, 322, 822-823.