Dr Tim Heaton

Dr Tim HeatonIsotope Geochemist

Location: NERC Isotope Geosciences Laboratory, Keyworth

Tel: 0115 9363401

E-mail Dr Tim Heaton


  • 1988–Present: Research Scientist, NERC Isotope Geosciences Laboratory
  • 1977–1987: Research Scientist, National Physical Research Laboratory, South Africa

Research interests

  • Stable isotope Geochemistry
  • The nitrogen cycle
  • Hydrochemistry


  • Isotope geochemistry and mass spectrometry

Professional association

  • Chair, NERC Life Science Mass Spectrometry Facility Steering Committee

Key papers

Heaton, T.H.E., Vogel, J.C., von la Chevalerie, G. and Collett, G. (1986). Climatic influence on the isotopic composition of bone nitrogen. Nature, 322, 822-823.

Heaton, T.H.E. (1986). Isotopic studies of nitrogen pollution in the hydrosphere and atmosphere: a review. Chemical Geology, 59, 87-102.

Heaton, T.H.E. (1987). 15N/14N ratios of nitrate and ammonium in rain at Pretoria, South Africa. Atmospheric Environment, 21, 843-852.

Heaton, T.H.E. (1987). The 15N/14N ratios of plants in South Africa and Namibia: relationship to climate and coastal/saline environments. Oecologia, 74, 236-246.

Heaton, T.H.E. (1990). 15N/14N ratios of NOx from vehicle engines and coal-fired power stations. Tellus, 42B, 304-307.

Heaton, T.H.E., Holmes, J.A. and Bridgwater N.D. (1995). Carbon and oxygen isotope variations among lacustrine ostracods: implications for their use in palaeoclimatic studies. The Holocene, 5, 428-434.

Heaton, T.H.E., Spiro, B. and Robertson, S.M.C (1997). Potential canopy influences on the isotopic composition of nitrogen and sulphur in atmospheric deposition. Oecologia, 109, 600-607.

Heaton, T.H.E. (1999). Spatial, species and temporal variations in the 13C/12C ratios of C3 plants: implications for palaeodiet studies. Journal of Archaeological Science, 26, 637-649.

Heaton, T.H.E., Wynn, P., and Tye, A. (2004). Low 15N/14N ratios for nitrate in snow in the High Arctic (79oN). Atmospheric Environment, 38, 5611-5621.

Heaton, T.H.E., Trick, J.K. and Williams, G.M. (2005). Isotope and dissolved gas evidence for nitrogen attenuation in landfill leachate dispersing into a chalk aquifer. Applied Geochemistry, 20, 933-945.

Heaton, T.H.E., Jones, J., Halstead, P. and Tsipropoulos, T (2009). Variations in the 13C/12C ratios of modern wheat grain, and implications for interpreting data from Bronze Age Assiros Toumba, Greece. Journal of Archaeological Sciences, 36, 2224-2233.