Mr Robert Gatliff

Mr Robert Gatliff Director Energy and Marine Geoscience

Location: Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 6500 405

E-mail Mr Robert Gatliff


  •  2013 –present :  Director Energy and Marine Geoscience
  •  2003 –2013 :  Head Marine Geoscience (Marine & Petroleum Geology)
  •  1991 –2003 :  Petroleum & marine Geoscientist, BGS Edinburgh
  •  1988 –1990 :  Government Geologist, Kingdom of Tonga
  •  1981 –1988 :  Petroleum Geologist, BGS Edinburgh
  •  1976 –1981 :  Industrial Minerals Assessment, BGS Keyworth
  •  1975 –1976 :  MSc Sedimentology & its Applications University of Reading
  •  1972 –1975 :  MA Geology, University of Oxford

Boards and committees

  •  Chair, Seabed Mapping Working Group, UKMMAS
  •  Committee Member, European Marine Sand & Gravel Group
  •  Member, DEFRA Healthy and Biologically Diverse Seas Evidence Group (HBDSEG)
  •  Member, European Marine and Observation Data Network Expert Group (MODEG)
  •  UK representative on the EuroGeoSurveys Marine Working Group
  •  2003 –2011 :  Hon Treasurer (2003-2008) and Board Member of the Scottish Oil Club


  •  Chartered Geologist: Fellow of the Geological Society of London Member, Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain

Current projects and collaboration

  •  CHARTING PROGRESS 2010 Lead author for chapter of feeder report on sedimentary processes and morphology for State of the Seas report.
  •  IODP (Integrated Ocean Drilling Program): Chair European Science Operator
  •  MAREMAP Marine Environmental Mapping Projeect – joint programme led by BGS, NOC and SAMS
  •  ROCKALL PROJECT Chief Geologist on drilling cruises to sample sub-basalt stratigraphy, volcanic, sedimentary and basement sequences in Hatton-Rockall; supervisor of PhD student studying Quaternary geology and climate change in the Rockall Trough.

Research interests

  •  Basin Analysis of the UK and North Atlantic
  •  Marine Geology
  •  Technology for sub-se coring and surveying

Key papers

Hibbert, F D, Austin W E N, Leng, M J and Gatliff R W. 2009. British Ice Sheet dynamics inferred from North Atlantic ice rafted debris records spanning the last 175,000 years. J. Quaternary Science 25, 461-482.

Kimbell, G S, Gatliff, R W, Ritchie, J D, Walker A S D and Williamson J P. 2004. Regional three-dimensional modelling of the NE Atlantic margin. Basin Research, 16, 259-278.

Ziolkowski, A, Hanssen, P, Gatliff, R W, Jakubowicz, H, Dobson, A, Hampson, G, Li, X-Y & Liu, E. 2003. The Use of Low Frequencies for sub-basalt imaging. Geophysical Prospecting 51, 169-182.

Gatliff, R W, Pflueger, J C, Havard, K R and Helu, S P. 1994. Structure, stratigraphy and petroleum potential of the Tongatapu-'Eua area of the Kingdom of Tonga. In: Ballance, P, R H Herzer and A J Stevenson (Eds), Geology and offshore resources of Pacific island arcs - Tonga II. South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission. Technical Bulletin 8, 107-119

Gatliff, R W, et al. 1994. UK offshore regional report: the geology of the Central North Sea. (London: HMSO for the British Geological Survey).

Gatliff, R W, Hitchen, K, Ritchie J D and Smythe, D K. 1984. Internal structure of the Erlend Tertiary Volcanic Complex, North of Shetland, as revealed by seismic reflection. J. Geol. Soc. Lond. v141, 555 562.