Andrew Butcher

Senior Hydrogeologist

Location: BGS Wallingford

Tel: 01491 69 2431

E-mail Andrew Butcher


  • 2008 : Manager, Geophysical Borehole Logging
  • 2005 : Manager, Hydrogeological Properties & Processes Laboratories (Aquifer Properties)
  • 2000 : Senior Hydrogeologist
  • 1997 –2000 : Fiji, SOPAC Pacific Regional Hydrogeology and Geoscience Training. Lecturer University of the South Pacific
  • 1995 : MSc University of Reading, Hydrogeology
  • 1990 –1993 : Jakarta, Indonesia, hydrocarbon assessment
  • 1986 : BSc University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Geophysics/Geology
  • 1986 –1990 : PM Hydrocarbon Physcial Properties/Core Analysis

Current projects and collaboration

  • Application of borehole imaging and physcial properties testing to characterise aquifers
  • Aquifer properties/resource assessment, highland salars, NW Argentina
  • Catchment Processes, Eden, NW England
  • Characterisation of granulation seams in sandstone
  • Geophyscial borehole logging - contract and research

Key papers

  • HOUSTON, J, BUTCHER, A, EHREN, P, EVANS, K, and GODFREY, L. in press. The evaluation of brine prospects and the requirement for modifications to filing standards. J. Econ Geology.
  • WANG, L, STUART, M E, BOOMFIELD, J P, BUTCHER, A S, GOODDY, D G, McKENZIE, A A,¬†LEWIS, M A, and WILLIAMS, A T. in press. Prediction of the arrival of peak nitrate concentrations at the water table at the regional scale in Great Britain. Hydrological Processes HYP-10-0408.R3.

Professional association

  • Member of IAH, IAHS,

Published outputs

Research interests

  • Hydrogeological properties and processes
  • Resource evaluation


  • Geophysical borehole logging
  • Groundwater catchment processes
  • Groundwater resources evaluation and field investigations
  • Institutional strengthening and training
  • Physical hydrogeology
  • Physical properties characterisation
  • Project and scientific facility management