Why deposit ESAA data?

The Earth Science Academic Archive (ESAA) offers the following benefits:

  • long-term secure storage of data and records to international standards
  • professional management of your data and preserving by migration where appropriate
  • discovery metadata made available on BGS and NERC metadata systems which will increase awareness of your work and may bring future research or collaboration
  • advice and assistance provided during research projects to help researchers maintain high standards
  • citation of datasets will acknowledge and give credit to your research work
  • deposit will enable other researchers to locate the data you used and reuse or repurpose
  • ESAA, as data holder, will comply with any requests under the Environmental Information Regulations and with good data management will ensure these are easy to answer
  • compliance with the requirements of grant providers (such as NERC) to ensure the proper management of the results of the research they have funded


Contact Sue Roper (Data Collection Officer)