Principal Investigators A-Z

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Akhurst,Maxine CNERC-BGS Project Leader - British Geological Survey
Andrew CooperUniversity of Liverpool
Atkinson, Professor TEarth Sciences - University College London
Baker, Professor ASch of Geography, Earth & Env Sciences - University of Birmingham
Barker, Dr A JSch of Ocean and Earth Science - University of Southampton
Barker, Professor J ASchool of Civil Eng and Environment - University of Southampton
Barnicoat, Dr A CSchool of Earth and Environment - University of Leeds
Barrett, Dr P MNatural History Museum
Bass, Dr A C WGeography - King's College London
Bentley, Dr M JGeography - Durham University
Bloomfield,John PNERC-BGS TL Groundwater Survey and Man. - British Geological Survey
Bristow, Dr C SSchool of Earth Sciences - Birkbeck College
Carter, Dr ABirkbeck College
Chadwick,Roland AndrewNERC-BGS TL CO2 Capture and Storage - British Geological Survey
Chenggong SunUniversity of Nottingham
Collins, Professor M JArchaeology - University of York
Das, Dr SEarth Sciences - University of Oxford
Davison, Professor A WSch of Biology - Newcastle University
Dowdeswell, Professor J AScott Polar Research Institute - University of Cambridge
Dr Charlotte GladstoneUniversity of Cambridge
Dr Christine PeirceEarth Sciences - University of Durham
Dr Cynthia EbingerUniversity of London
Dr Ekaterina KiseevaEarth Sciences - University of Oxford
Dr John ParnellLecturer - University of Aberdeen
Dr Lindsay ParsonSouthampton Oceanography Centre
Dr Nicholas J WhiteUniversity of Cambridge
Dr Peter J TallingUniversity of Bristol
Dr Robert E HoldsworthUniversity of Durham
Dr Sanjeev GuptaImperial College
Dr. Jeffrey PeakallUniversity of Leeds
Ebinger, Professor JEarth & Env Sciences - Unviersity of Rochester
Edward AnthonyCranfield University
Edwards, Professor DSch of Earth Sciences & Ocean Studies - Cardiff University
Farmer, Professor J GSch of Geosciences - University of Edinburgh
Ferguson, Professor R IGeography - Durham University
Fitton, Professor GSch of Geosciences - University of Edinburgh
Francis, Professor JSch of Earth & Environment - University of Leeds
Frank van SteenbergenMetaMeta
Gallagher, Dr KDept of Earth Sciences - Imperial College London
Gehrels, Professor RSch of Geography - University of Plymouth
Goulty, Professor N REarth Sciences - Durham University
Hao Liu University of Nottingham
Harrington,Jon FNERC-BGS Facility Leader Fluid Proces - British Geological Survey
Harris, Professor N BEarth Sciences - Open University
Haszeldine, Professor R SSch of Geosciences - University of Edinburgh
Head, Professor ICivil Eng & Geosciences - Newcastle University
Huppert, Professor HUniversity of Cambridge
Hurst, Professor AGeology and Petroleum Geology - University of Aberdeen
J M TrubyPostgraduate student - University of Durham
  • Rheology of three-phase suspensionsThe data consists of a spreadsheet containing rheology data for 39 samples of syrup, containing air bubbles and/or spherical glass particles …
Jackson, Dr J ABullard Laboratories - University of Cambridge
Jason Hallett Imperial College London
Jeans, Christopher VCambridge University
Jerry BlackfordPlymouth Marine Laboratroy
Julia RaceUniversity of Strathclyde
Kaminski, M AUniversity College London
Kelley, Professor Simon PEarth and Environmental Sciences - Open University
Knipe, Professor R JEarth Sciences - University of Leeds
Lawrence,DJDSurvey geologist - British Geological Survey
Lin MaUniversity of Leeds
Liu, Dr EGeophysics Marine Geology and Remote Sen - British Geological Survey
Love, Dr G DCivil Eng & Geosciences - Newcastle University
Lowry, Dr DEarth Sciences - Royal Holloway, University of London
Mackay, Professor RSch of Geography, Earth & Env Sciences - University of Birmingham
Macpherson, Dr C GEarth Sciences - Durham University
Mader, Dr H MEarth Sciences - University of Bristol
Mander, Dr SLUniversity of Manchester
Maria-ChiaraFerrariUniversity of Edinburgh
Mark NaylorUniversity of Edinburgh
Mathieu LucquiaudUniversity of Edinburgh
McCloskey, Professor JSch of Environmental Sciences - University of Ulster
Meihong Wang University of Hull
Mercedes Maroto-ValerHeriot-Watt University
Meredith, Professor P GEarth Sciences - University College London
Mike GeorgeUniversity of Nottingham
Minshull, Professor TShc of Ocean & Earth Science - University of Southampton
Mohamed PourkashanianUniversity of Sheffield
Mortimore, RoryBrighton Polytechnic
  • Chalk borehole sections databaseThe aim of this project is to test and expand on the work previously carried out o the Chalk Borehole and Sections Database (CBSD)
Murton, Dr JGeography - University of Sussex
Nisbet, Professor E GEarth Sciences - Royal Holloway, University of London
O'Cofaigh, Professor CGeography - Durham University
Owen, Dr A WGeographical & Earth Sciences - University of Glasgow
Paul FennellImperial College London
Pawley, Dr AEarth Atmosphere & Env Sciences - University of Manchester
Pearson, Professor D GEarth Sciences - Durham University
Peter BuddUniversity of Manchester
Prof Haroun MahgereftehUniversity College London
Professor Anthony B WattsLecturer - University of Oxford
Professor Colin E SnapeUniversity of Nottingham
Professor David MacDonaldProfessor - University of Aberdeen
Professor Julian A DowdeswellUniversity of Bristol
Professor Michael A LovellUniversity of Leicester
Professor Nicholas J KuznirUniversity of Liverpool
Professor Robert J KnipeUniversity of Leeds
Professor Robert S WhiteUniversity of Cambridge
Prudden, HughSomerset Geology Group
Purnell, Dr MUniversity of Leicester
Richard GrahamUniversity of Nottingham
Richard MarshCardiff University
Roberts, Professor CArchaeology - Durham University
Rochelle,Christopher ANERC-BGS Geochemist - British Geological Survey
Rumbold, Dr RichardRumbold et Associates
Sam KrevorImperial College London
ScottishPower CCS ConsortiumScottishPower CCS Consortium
Scourse, Professor JSch of Ocean Sciences - Bangor University
Shapiro, Dr BDept of Biology - Pennsylvania State University
Siegert, Professor M JSch of Geosciences - University of Edinburgh
Sparks, Professor R S JEarth Sciences - University of Bristol
Stella Pytharouli University of Strathclyde
Stuart Gilfillan University of Edinburgh
Todd, Professor AHeriot-Wat University
Tudhope, Professor A WSch of Geosciences - University of Edinburgh
Valerie DupontUniversity of Leeds
Vance, Dr DEarth Sciences - University of Bristol
  • Himalayan Erosion RatesTo evaluate the use of cosmogenic isotope concentrations in minerals separated from river sediment (10be, 26al and 14c in quartz and 3he in garnet) as monitors of erosion rates in the Himalayas …
Vaughan, Professor D JEarth Atmosphere and Env Sciences - University of Manchester
Weiss, Dr D JDept of Earth Sciences - Imperial College London
Wilkinson, Dr J JDept of Earth Sciences - Imperial College London
Williams,John David OwenNERC-BGS Geoscientist - British Geological Survey
Williamson, Dr B JCamborne School of Mines - University of Exeter
Worden, Professor REarth and Ocean Science - University of Liverpool
Wright, Dr K VEarth Sciences - University College London
Wright, Tim JUniversity of Leeds
Yong YanUniversity of Kent