Earth Science Academic Archive

Sample deposit, a map diagram

The Earth Science Academic Archive has been set up as part of the National Geoscience Data Centre (NGDC) and is the place for you to deposit the results of your Earth Science research.

The ESAA will be pleased to accept the results from NERC research and any other similar research projects to ensure their long term safe keeping and future use.

The Earth Science Academic Archive is responsible for:

  • liaising with principal investigators and other NERC grant holders to ensure that appropriate data are offered to the NGDC
  • selection of data for inclusion in the NGDC in liaison with BGS scientists and other stakeholders
  • long-term curation and preservation of analogue and digital data (including samples)
  • publicising the holdings and making available information on the web

Examples of types of data submitted to the ESAA:

  • research reports
  • photographs
  • spreadsheet data
  • figures and diagrams
  • 3D models
Groudwater flooding: roads in Berkshire had to be closed during the exceptionally wet winter of 2000/01 due to groundwater flooding Why deposit ESAA data?

Professional, advice management and long term secure storage of data and records. Increased awareness of your work and citation of datasets will give credit to your research and may bring further opportunities.

Model of sinuous submarine channel using innovative visualisation technologies Depositing with ESAA

If you hold a NERC grant and are creating data you must deposit a copy of the data with a NERC Environmental Data Centre. The ESAA is the component of the NGDC that is responsible for helping NERC grant holders working in the earth science sector.

Ocean Margin fault seal processes field trip to Wales -  P Bradbury ESAA data holdings and downloads

Search the ESAA for research reports, photographs, readsheet data, figures and diagrams, and 3D models.

PowerStation image from the URGENT programme Using ESAA

Links to online applications are found here.

Rig collapse off Brazil, information from hydrate research. ESAA guides and documentation

Guidance document downloads; including further information about ESAA and good data management practice. Help in the form of checklists and questionnaires.

Sunset in northern Apennines - Italian fieldwork: P Talling. ESAA gallery

A collection of our favourite ESAA images.


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