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About the ESAA Downloads

The Earth Science Academic Archive has been set up as part of the National Geoscience Data Centre (NGDC) and is the place for you to deposit the results of your Earth Science research.

Since many projects have more than one grant award, to avoid duplication the data are stored within one project area. Details are given in the project abstracts.


Terms of use

All supplied documents and data files are available for direct download free of charge from the individual project pages within the ESAA data holdings.

Terms of use for data and information deposited in the Earth Science Academic Archive.

Help searching ESAA

In most cases the data available are exactly as deposited by researchers, but in some cases, to make the information readily available, the format may have been changed or the datasets grouped together.

Details of the projects and data are based on a hierarchical system so there will always be a project level abstract (even if no data is held in the ESAA). Individual subprojects or datasets within the project will also have an abstract description.

A search of the ESAA data holdings will return both projects and datasets with the datasets highlighted in blue. Selecting a particular dataset will allow you to view the project details and all of the associated individual datasets.

Where no data is held in the ESAA data holdings this will be stated in the Download details. Alternatively you may be directed to another Data Centre which will hold the data.

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