Depositing with the ESAA | The process

Marine offshore operations: Antarctica
  1. Potential donators should contact the ESAA Data Collection Officer for information about deposit either by letter, e-mail or telephone — see Contacts. Policy queries will be dealt with by the ESAA Manager.

    The Guide to the Collection of Geoscientific Records provides information about the data and deals with frequently asked questions.
    Download our current ESAA guides; more comprehensive guides are currently being developed for specific aspects of the process.
  2. Datasets should be accompanied by written information, which stipulate how and by whom the data can be reused, and how the data and its documentation will be transferred to the ESAA.

    The forms are available from the Data Collection Officer and downloadable web versions are available. See documentation downloads.
  3. Datasets will be assessed by the ESAA Manager to ensure they are appropriate for deposit with the ESAA.
  4. Once accepted, datasets will be accessioned using the standard ESAA workflow. Accessioning procedures include data validation, scanning, indexing, databasing.

    The size of the dataset will determine how long this process takes, but it is our target to complete this process in less than three months. Contact the ESAA Manager, in advance, if there is a special requirement for datasets to be processed more quickly.


Contact Sue Roper (Data Collection Officer)