ESAA Project 18211321

The structure of linear dunes: a GPR survey in the Namib sand sea

The aims of this study are to image the internal structure of linear dunes, to resolve sedimentary structures in 3-D, and test models of linear dune structure and formation addressing outstanding problems in dune sedimentology and geomorphology. Linear dunes are the most abundant type worldwide. However, "the genesis of linear dunes has been and remains one of the most difficult problems of interpretation in the realm of dune study" McKee (1982 p.25) this study will use GPR to image the structure of linear dunes, the technique has been proven in other desert dunes (Bristow et al 1996). The results will provide a model for interpretation of ancient aeolian sandstones, and a set of observations against which models for the origin of linear dunes can be tested.

Author(s) :
Bristow, Dr C S

Keywords :
Geomorphology, Sedimentary geology

Principal Investigator :
Bristow, Dr C S
School of Earth Sciences
Birkbeck College

Datasets :
Sorry, no datasets have yet been created for this project, but project data may be available.

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