ESAA Project 17974260

The use of angiosperm wood anatomy for palaeoclimatic analysis: a new technique for determining cretaceous and tertiary climates of Gondwana

The analysis of morphological characters of dicotyledonous angiosperm wood will be developed as a novel tool for palaeoclimatic interpretation. Cretaceous and tertiary angiosperm wood from Antarctica and Australia will be studied to determine the biodiversity of fossil forests and construct a database of fossil angiosperm wood features. The climate significance of morphological features in related modern Southern Hemisphere woods will be statistically correlated and the results used to interpret the fossil wood anatomy in terms of cretaceous and tertiary palaeoclimates. These predictions will be tested against palaeoclimate information from oxygen isotopes, fossils and sediments, and used to verify general circulation models

Author(s) :
Francis, Professor J

Keywords :
Climate change, Palaeoenvironment, Taxonomy

Principal Investigator :
Francis, Professor J
Sch of Earth & Environment
University of Leeds

Datasets :
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