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July 2017

Data donation and search applications

Data deposited

Improved versions of our data deposit portal and donated data search were released. These applications support an efficient and enhanced digital workflow to ingest data into NGDC and make it accessible for download.

EPOS user interface


BGS Informatics is leading the development of the user interface for the European Solid Earth Research Infrastructure H2020 project (EPOS). The current prototype has recently been refactored using the Angular4 Javascript framework. The objective was to make the application more flexible and scalable, creating a codebase that provides a solid foundation on which to build additional functionality.

New release for myVolcano mobile app


A new version of our myVolcano mobile app was released. myVolcano is a citizen-science app that enables you to share your observations of natural hazards. It is now available for Android as well as iPhone users.

Internal data-science workshops


BGS Informatics held two hands-on data-science workshops for BGS scientists. The workshop focussed on Apache Spark, looking at how to process large volumes of data.

Corporate database for field data

Digital field data-capture

We are creating a corporate repository for all the data collected using BGS·SIGMA, our digital field data-capture system, over the last 10 years. The repository will underpin easy access to this data via data visualisation and download tools.

Collaboration with Historic Environment Scotland

Harrison Arch, Edinburgh

We continue our collaboration with Historic Environment Scotland (HES), agreeing further customisation of our BGS·SIGMA field data-capture system, adapting it for heritage management purposes in line with HES requirements.


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