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Wind turbines

BGS staff in environmental modelling and informatics were working to develop a new project called Data4Sustain. After a number of long days and excellent work by the business lead, Land Quality Management, we learned that Data4Sustain successfully attracted prestigious funding from UK's Innovation agency, Innovate UK (Solving Urban Challenges with Data — Feasibility Studies) and the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). Over the next 12 months, Data4Sutain will produce a prototype web-based geographical information system (web GIS) for landowners, developers, community groups, local authorities, and their advisors to conduct renewable energy feasibility studies.
05 August 2015


We raised a glass to ArcIMS as we turned off the software that quite literally put the BGS website on the map. We launched GeoIndex fifteen years ago, almost to the day, thanks to the ESRI ArcIMS web mapping software that enabled organisations like us to serve maps across the internet. It revolutionised our ability to deliver maps and other spatial data online. GeoIndex provides a map-based index to our geoscience data holdings, enabling users anywhere in the world to discover what information we hold for their area of interest from the comfort of their home, office or when in the field.
20 July 2015


To cope with 21st century issues like rapidly expanding cities and demands for natural resources, we need clever 21st century solutions. Groundhog is a new digital tool from the BGS which delivers 3D geological models to communities, planners and policy makers. It allows users to understand the issues and solutions that literally lie at their feet.
22 April 2015

Geoindex sample

Even though our work is hugely varied, from groundwater to space weather, from tiny isotopes to entire continents, there's a spatial element to everything. That is why Geographic Information Systems are so important to us and why maps are one of our primary methods for communicating what we do.
19 November 2014

myVolcano - Naples

The BGS app myVolcano was released into the Apple Store on 07 April 2014, in collaboration with our American friends at the Smithsonian Institute. It had 224 downloads in the first week, and has featured all over Twitter! The app enables people to explore the volcanoes of the world on their phones through an interactive map. By zooming into different areas and clicking on the volcano icon, people can learn about that volcano's past eruptions and facts about the volcano itself such as the type of volcano, the types of eruptions and rock type.
23 April 2014

Scotland's environment web portal

Some twenty-five BGS information layers, including the onshore Digital Geological Map of Great Britain at 1:50 000 scale, are part of ninety-nine new web map service layers just released on Scotland's environment web portal.
17 May 2013


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