NGDC cited data catalogue

A list of all the formally cited datasets held by the NGDC showing the title, author(s) and the DOI which links to the landing page with metadata links and direct access to the data where appropriate.

Dataset title Dataset author(s) Digital Object Identifer
Digital Geological Map Data of Great Britain - 625k (DiGMapGB-625) Bedrock Version 5 British Geological Survey doi:10.5285/e1a2ebc7-fe66-4deb-836c-f201f0f96a5b
National Bedrock Fence Diagram of Great Britain - GB3D_v2012 British Geological Survey doi:10.5285/f60c6923-0bd2-4469-bc7a-9c0775453ac8
National Bedrock Fence Diagram of Great Britain - GB3D_v2014 British Geological Survey doi:10.5285/4d866cd2-c907-4ce2-b070-084ca9779dc2
Tellus South West airborne geophysical data (2014) British Geological Survey doi:10.5285/73848363-57c1-480a-a64e-c732e15c4b37
Rheology of three-phase suspensions J M Truby, University of Durham doi:10.5285/e729d509-a616-4787-bb41-44c1169685b6