Instructions for opening the Eddleston 3D model pdf

Go to Eddleston Water geological model 3D pdf.

A pop-up bar will appear at the bottom of the screen allowing the user to either open or save the model. Opening the model enables it to automatically load with Adobe Acrobat Reader, if Reader is installed on the computer; saving the model to the computer allows it to be run offline, by then importing it into Acrobat Reader.

Please note that this model will only open on a PC or laptop and run from the Windows environment using the Internet Explorer browser. It will not run on a tablet using Android or with Google Chrome.

To open the model:

  1. Firstly make sure that Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed on the computer.
  2. Check that JavaScript is enabled within Adobe Acrobat Reader:
    1. open Adobe Acrobat Reader
    2. go to the Edit menu
    3. go to Preferences
    4. in the Categories dropdown, find and click on JavaScript and tick Enable Acrobat JavaScript and Enable global object security policy
    5. click OK, then close Adobe Reader.
  3. On opening the model, a pop-up box will appear asking whether to allow the document to be placed in full screen mode. Full screen mode disables 3D functionality, so tick Remember my choice for this document and then click the No button. (See Figure 1.)

  4. There will also be a yellow background pop-up bar at the top of the model stating 3D content has been disabled (see Figure 1).
    1. click on Options and tick either Trust this document one time only or Trust this document always (it doesn’t matter which)
    2. click on the model and hover for a few seconds until the 3D functionality keys appear at the top of the model screen (see Figure 2).

  5. The model is now fully functioning. It can be rotated, exploded and re-assembled, individual layers can be toggled on and off etc. using the keys. Play and experiment with the functionality and toggle settings (the model cannot be broken).


We can build customised 3D geological models for specific areas of interest that can include your own data. Contact Enquiries for more information about licensing an existing model or for commissioning custom 3D geological models.