Ingleborough: Educational 3D model

Please work through the Lithoframe user guide and/or the video tutorial to become acquainted with the model.

Explore the geology displayed in the model by exploding the model and rotating it.

Now create some cross-sections and boreholes in order to familiarise yourself with the geology of this area.


Draw a profile of the topography shown in the model. (Hint: a cross section will help with this)

  • What might the high and low areas of the profile tell you about the underlying rocks?
  • Can you locate any breaks in slope? (Hint: these often indicate a change in geology)
  • What is the age of the youngest rocks in the model?
  • What is the age of the oldest rocks in the model?
  • How many millions of years does this represent?
  • Are there any periods of geological time that don't seem to be represented by the rocks here? (Hint: about 100 million years, the Silurian and Devonian are missing.)
  • If there are then you have identified an unconformity. What does this represent?
  • Locate the carboniferous limestone in the model and describe its extent?
  • What is the dip of the carboniferous limestone? (Hint: little or no dip, about 5 degrees north-east)
  • Can you identify any faults?
  • Can you identify any drumlins?
  • What kind of resources might be available from this region?
  • Where might you situate a quarry?
  • What socio-economic factors would you need to investigate?