BGS Futures Team

The BGS Futures Team (BFT) is a group of scientists from the British Geological Survey that has been established to advise The Executive on emerging scientific and information trends that could influence BGS strategy in the medium to long-term (years to decades). Its scope includes that formerly represented by Science Futures and Information (including technology) Futures Teams. The overall aim of the Futures Team is to identify the range of drivers including science, information, social, technological, economic, environmental, and political that may shape BGS strategic direction beyond the range of the current five-year planning cycles. The Futures Team aims to advise the Senior Leadership Team on the likely impact of these drivers.

The Team

The Futures Team is composed of scientists from a broad range of backgrounds, representing a cross-section of BGS science and information areas. Below is a list of current BFT members.

Andy Barkwith
(Team Chair)
Caroline Graham

Current Projects

Currently the BFT is undertaking two main activities. The first involves the contribution of a ‘think-piece’ to the UK government’s Foresight, Future of Cities initiatives project. The think-piece highlights the need to optimise the urban subsurface in the future, to avoid undesirable interactions in buried infrastructure and to emphasize the benefits of positive interactions. For the second activity, the Futures Team will explore possible uses of underground space and the environment that surrounds it, its sustainable use and management and people’s interaction with the data and information about it, under four future scenarios.

Previous Output

Underground futures: the smart subsurface. British Geological Survey Internal Report (IR/14/046), 2014.

NERC Science: Future Impacts Summary Report. British Geological Survey Open Report (OR/13/037), 2013.

National Capability Integration: Future Opportunities and Challenges. British Geological Survey Internal Report (IR/12/040), 2012.

BGS Science Futures: Meeting Geoscience Challenges for Society. British Geological Survey Internal Report (IR/11/033), 2011.

The future’s bright… if you have resources. Planet Earth, Winter 2010.

BGS Science Futures: Scenarios for 2030. British Geological Survey Internal Report (IR/10/071), 2010.