National Physical Properties and Processes Laboratories

Low power photomicrograph. Click to enlarge. Ratcliffe upon Soar Power Station. Click to enlarge. Desiccation cracks in clay soil. Click to enlarge. The 'super-critical-CO2' flow rig. Click to enlarge. Geomicrobiology. Click to enlarge. The active part of the Black Ven landslide. Click to enlarge.

Our aims

The National Physical Properties and Processes Laboratories (NP3L) is one of two centres of excellence that showcase BGS's laboratory based research, the other being the National GeoEnvironmental Laboratories (NGEL).

The NP3L undertakes research on physical properties and processes in the subsurface, with a focus on key science challenges such as radioactive waste disposal, carbon storage, clean coal technologies, groundwater and pollution modelling, and engineering hazards.

Within these pages you will find information on our state-of-the-art laboratories that support this facility, as well as some recent examples of our research highlights.

Latest news and research highlights

National Centre for Carbon Capture and StorageBritish CCS researchers present at SET for Britain exhibition

Presentations by research scientists from the Nottingham Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage at a House of Commons exhibition.

CalciteExperiments in fluid-rock interaction

Latest BGS laboratory experiments to simulate the behaviour of a deep saline aquifer injected with super-critical CO2.

The super-critical-CO2 flow rigThe super-critical CO2 experimental rig

Latest experiments designed to simulate the behaviour of CO2 stored in deep geological reservoirs.


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