Over the coming century, our society will be facing increasing pressure for cleaner, more sustainable energy production, in order to reduce our impact on the planet's resources and the environment. This will require the development of new technologies, not only to increase the efficiency of production, but for improved management of the resultant waste.

Security of energy supply and reduction of carbon emissions is central to the UK Government's energy policy, as is maintaining a suitable mix of future energy resources. The UK's natural resources are declining and will only be partially replaced by indigenous renewables.

BGS is involved in research and development to improve our understanding of the UK's geothermal, coal bed methane, underground coal gasification and shale gas resources and how these can be utilised in the UK's energy mix. A wide range of laboratory-based activity within the National Physical Properties and Processes Laboratories and the National GeoEnvironmental Laboratories underpins this research.

Selected research

ChimneysTracing fluid flow with nanoparticles

Development of new techniques for tracing fluid flow through low-permeability geological materials.

Fine-scale resistivity imagingInterpreting sediment structure from fine-scale resistivity imaging

Advances in high-resolution resistivity measurement for reservoir rock characterisation.