The super-critical CO2 experimental rig

Figure 1. The'super-critical-CO2' flow rig

The BGS Transport Properties Research Laboratory has developed a state-of-the-art flow rig, capable of testing the long-term transport behaviour of reservoir caprocks exposed to carbon dioxide (CO2). Understanding such behaviour is a prerequisite for establishing the viability of long-term storage of carbon underground.

The new super-critical-CO2 flow rig will allow testing of caprock materials over a range of basin conditions (up to 1.3 kbar at 150°C). The rig can investigate scenarios with either gaseous or super-critical CO2 as a permeant, and a CO2-saturated aqueous solution also present.

The apparatus has been designed to resist the corrosive properties of CO2, with all wetted components manufactured from titanium.

Figure 2. Stress analysis of the in-house  designed apparatus.
Figure 2. Stress analysis of the in-house  designed apparatus

Selected research

The super-critical-CO2 flow rigSuper-critical CO2 experiments

Latest experiments designed to simulate the behaviour of CO2 stored in deep geological reservoirs.


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