Environmental Materials Facility

The Environmental Materials Facility (EMF) is a purpose built building with a dedicated suite of laboratories for the handling, comminution and sub-sampling of hazardous materials.

The Environmental Materials Facility
PhD student preparing soil samples containing depleted uranium

The laboratories have control measures and screening techniques in place to identify and manipulate materials containing hazardous levels of heavy metals, organics, biological organisms, asbestos or radioactivity.

The EMF aims to service the needs of a wide community including BGS staff and their research, NERC staff from other institutes, NERC funded researchers from universities and commercial customers with special requirements.

The EMF houses the BGS's Thin Sections Service, the Sample Preparation Facility and limited storage for hazardous materials.

In addition to the main sample preparation laboratories, the EMF has a number of small individual laboratory rooms available for self-contained projects. These are for work on hazardous materials that could not be performed in a normal open laboratory environment. They may be booked for periods as short as a few days or as long as a number of years. For example, the mine waste characterisation laboratory will be used for the foreseeable future whilst another laboratory was used for handling mildly radioactive material for a commercial client over two months.


Please contact Dr Simon Chenery for further information